Do you like diamonds, garnets or emeralds? Fortunately, there’s no need to choose when you can have them all! Our Gem Games bring the finest riches alongside intricate plots and settings. Collect jewels among the ruins of the Mayans, or protect your gem store from evil thieves! Just remember that valuable items often come with dark histories and dangerous mysteries!

There’s nothing quite like a quest for gem-encrusted legendary artifacts, but all that adventure can be pretty tiring. After you’ve rescued the Queen’s crown and restored peace in the kingdom, why not settle down for a few gem-themed Puzzle Games? There’s nothing like a good cognitive challenge, especially when there are a bunch of shiny jewels to look at!

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Whether you’re just a hobbyist or a seasoned relic explorer, you’re likely to find a hidden gem in the Big Fish library. We offer thousands of downloadable games and cater to a wide variety of skill levels and interests.

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