Video games have been known to exercise the mind with brain teasers and complex puzzles, but did you know they can also be inspiration for exercising the body? While it may be no substitute for going to an actual gym, playing Gym Games will at least get you thinking about exercise. Plus, what better motivation than getting to run your own fitness center?

Just like a real gym owner, you’ll have to find ways of convincing the city’s denizens to hop on the treadmill and work off those milkshakes. It’s up to you to find the perfect combination of aerobics and muscle exercises that form the perfect routine. Remember, make those gym goers feel the burn!

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There’s always that one machine at the gym that no one ever uses – it’s probably been decades since anyone even know what it does. The best thing about running your own center is that you don’t need to include anything that just collects dust! Plus, with thousands of downloadable games to choose from, the Big Fish library will give your decision making skills a tough workout.

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