Ancient tombs, vengeful spirits, haunted mansions – if you like a good ghost story, nothing beats a Haunted Game. From the prankster poltergeist to the wronged souls of years past, there’s always excitement (and often a dose of terror) if ghosts are around.

If you have a heart for adventure, love a little bit of mystery and possibly even have a nose for some danger, video games can be a good way to fill that need without actually angering any spirits! One of the intriguing things about hauntings is that they almost always result in – or come from – a mysterious story. What holds these entities to the material plane? Why this location? It’s up to you to find out in our Haunted Games!

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haunted-halls-green-hills-sanitariumget-this-game haunted-manor-lord-of-mirrorsget-this-game haunted-hotel-charles-dexter-wardget-this-game haunted-legends-the-bronze-horsemanget-this-game

Intrigued by a cobwebbed mansion or abandoned hotel? If you’re ready to delve into the paranormal, we have thousands of downloadable games with rich plots and epic adventures.

More games can be found here: Android Games, iPad Games & iPhone Games . Play on all of your favorite mobile devices!

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