The dashing knight, the noble prince, the fledgling wizard with his sights set on greatness – they all have one thing in common. Whether by intention or chance, they become heroes. Have you ever wanted to become a champion for a kingdom? Or maybe just the one who saves your favorite rock band from falling into obscurity. Either way, there are a lot of Hero Games that will let you quest for greatness.

Evil comes in all shapes, sizes and types. Bad kings, malicious spirits and harsh taxes are just a few of the challenges you’ll face in our selection of Hero Games. But don’t let the dark forces scare you too much, our games are designed for players of all skill levels. So whether you’re a video game guru or an aspiring apprentice, there’s something in the Big Fish library for you!

diner-dash-hometown-heroget-this-game heroes-of-hellas-3get-this-game solitaire-kingdom-questget-this-game puzzle-heroget-this-game
epic-slots-rock-heroget-this-game my-kingdom-for-the-princess-iiget-this-game farm-frenzy-viking-heroesget-this-game robins-questget-this-game

Are you ready to storm dark castles and foil the plots of evil villains? Then why not become your own hero in our diverse selection of downloadable games. We also have streaming Hero Games on our Big Fish Unlimited page. Save the world today!

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