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Do you love history and wish you could spend an afternoon exploring the Civil War, Aztec temples or the Titanic from the time that they first graced the Earth? Until a time machine is invented, a trip back in time with a history game from Big Fish Games will have to do. Play instantly in our free online section or download a free trial to play later. When you play free online History Games, you can construct pyramids with the Pharaohs and build roads with the Romans!

Hidden object games allow you to search for listed items in a picture straight from history. Find the hidden items, and gain the needed items to advance through the story. Follow the story to explore battle grounds from historic wars, famous landmarks and all but forgotten ancient ruins. Complete one story, and explore the other stories in the series, or you can stop at just one.

Don’t you want your historic deeds to stand the test of time?

Roads of Rome IIget-this-game Cradle of Romeget-this-game Roads of Rome IIIget-this-game Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secretsget-this-game
Hidden Mysteries: Notre Dame - Secrets of Parisget-this-game Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage - Titanicget-this-game Empire Builder: Ancient Egyptget-this-game Egypt III: The Fate of Ramsesget-this-game


Hidden object history games also offer you a glimpse at the past using haunted locations that are complete with ghosts, spirits, poltergeists and demons in your favorite historic settings. Or, if you prefer, play a puzzle game where you match colors, or burst bubbles in an attempt to help save famous historic places from destruction. Get to know the places of the past on Big Fish Games without changing out of your pajamas. Play your favorite history games in our online section or download one to your computer to check out the free trial version.

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