If you believe the Irving Berlin classic, there’s no business like show business. And now is a great time to get a taste of show biz glamour and fame by playing our Hollywood Games! Be careful, though … the road to Tinseltown is paved with more than glitter and gold. You may just find yourself caught up in a Hollywood murder mystery – just like in the movies.

By playing our Hollywood Games, you can lose yourself in the sights of Los Angeles or become the star of the show. Just remember to razzle-dazzle your audience and they’ll be left in awe! If acting isn’t your thing, but you’ve got the time management skills, you could choose the path of the talent agent tasked with getting the hopeful celebs their big movie roles!

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The Big Fish library has something for everyone, whether you want to earn your place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or work behind the scenes. We have thousands of downloadable games designed for players of all skill levels.

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