Besides being known for crafting food spicy enough to make you sweat, many of the roots of Hinduism are embedded deep within the country of India. In addition to laying the foundation for mystics and prophets, a wealth of mythology and folklore comes out of the country. So, whether you’re fascinated by ancient tales of Gods and Goddesses or you just have an appetite for curry, India Games are a good way to sate your cravings!

The balance between good and evil is an important concept in Hindu philosophy, and that balance is often maintained by Vishnu, the embodiment of mercy. Helping to keep the scales equal is just one of the quests you may find yourself on in our India Games, as there are also countless other artifacts to find and many mysteries to unravel.

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There’s nothing quite like adventuring in a land filled with mystical energy and ancient wisdom. With thousands of downloadable games, the Big Fish library includes numerous nods to Indian culture (and cuisine!).

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