There are few countries that can claim as rich a history and as distinctive a culture as Japan. From the reign of numerous dynasties to the mountain-island landscape, there are plenty of awe-inspiring aspects to the country. Our Japan Games bring the adventure straight to your computer. Don’t worry, though, the Buddhist concept of Zen also flourished early in Japan’s history, so we also have a few Puzzle Games to give you both peace of mind and a feeling of accomplishment!

Just like the country’s history is full of diverse figures and colorful epochs, the Big Fish library has a diverse selection of games to choose from. Why limit yourself to just one theme when you can defend the Japanese emperor one minute and start your own Japan-themed clothing line the next!

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ageofjapanget-this-game hexciteget-this-game zen-fashion get-this-game bukusudokuget-this-game


Ready to immerse yourself in Japanese culture? Whether you want to unwind with a little Sudoku or solve the mysteries left by rulers past, there’s a game just waiting for you to play it. The Big Fish library has thousands of downloadable games that are designed for a range of skill levels.

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