It’s not always easy to find a good mystery – there would be substantially fewer of those around if they were planned events. But there are several areas that just seem to attract intrigue. Abandoned mansions, ancient tombs and deserted islands may seem like the best places to go looking, but there are few places as vast and mysterious as the mind. What were the thoughts behind the decisions of ancient kings? What is the meaning behind our dreams? Will humans master telekinesis one day? The Big Fish library may not be able to answer all of those questions, but it can provide Mind Games to provoke some thoughts on the matter!

From mind-melting puzzles to mesmerizing mysteries and cognitive confoundedness, there are plenty of games for thought. You’ll have to get into the minds of both villains and victims to solve the rampant mysteries in our Mind Games.

mysteries-of-the-mind-coma-collectors-editionget-this-game doors-of-the-mind-inner-mysteriesget-this-game haunted-halls-revenge-of-doctor-blackmoreget-this-game house-1000-doors-family-secret-ceget-this-game
Mystery Case Files - Key to Ravenhearstget-this-game shattered-minds-masqueradeget-this-game sherlock-holmes-themget-this-game ”oddly-enough-pied-piper"get-this-game


There are many twists and turns in the corridors of the mind as well as plenty of ways to explore those dark passages in the Big Fish Library. With thousands of downloadable games, choosing which to play first is the first of many mind-bending challenges!

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