There’s no better place to get a look at the world’s oldest artifacts than the museum, and it’s pretty tough to turn down a big helping of adventure-filled history. Just be warned: A night at the museum can be a hectic experience. Between dodging mummy curses and navigating labyrinth-like corridors, you’ll have your hands full. Don’t forget to keep the invaluable artifacts safe – some of those are really fragile!

Have you ever been standing in front of a work of art so provocative that you thought you might be in the artist’s world? Museum Games put you right in the action, so you can curate the objects that serve as a reminder of the past or take part in the stories that helped shape the world!

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Ready to walk through halls lined with sarcophagi? Interested in reading ancient texts and wandering through throne rooms lined with gold? The Big Fish library has thousands of downloadable games.

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