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Do you love the friendly and fun atmosphere generated by the shows on Nick? Now you can interact with characters like Dora and Spongebob in our amazing Nickelodeon Games. There are a variety of Nickelodeon games to choose from so that you and your child can be challenged and entertained at the same time.

Help Dora and Boots save the snow princess as they embark on adventurous journeys and meet magical new friends. Paddle a canoe down the river on your way to save the Snowy Forrest from a witch, and ride a Pegasus over the sparkling treetops. Learn how to drive a dogsled as you chase Swiper and Pirate Piggy through the wintery landscape. Go ahead and download a free trial below or check out our free online games section today!

Don’t you want to play with your friends from television?

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Save Bikini Bottom as you put your skills to the test. Level up to increase your health and speed. Nick Jr. Bingo is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. Interact with Dora, Diego and other favorite friends with three different games of Bingo. Play with numbers, shapes or letters. Finding the perfect Nickelodeon game to add fun and adventure to your child’s day is never boring!

Even if you don’t see the exact game you want listed here, click on any of them and look for the purple Games You’ll Love box. There you are guaranteed to find the to cure your boredom! We also have streaming Nickelodeon Games on our Big Fish Unlimited page. Play instantly today!

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