Some have said that space is the final frontier, but there may be an equally uncharted area for exploration much closer to home. The ocean still holds some pretty big mysteries: How do deep sea creatures survive where there is hardly any sunlight? Where is that pesky white whale? And what is with the anglerfish (seriously, there’s a lamp growing out of its face)? Of course, taking a dip in the real ocean is exciting enough, but we’ve upped the ante by creating a library of Ocean Games for even more outlandish and exciting marine adventures!

Whether you want to find out what really happened to Atlantis or explore a magic-filled world under the sea, our titles will take you to the deep, dark places few humans have dared to go! Hunt for long-lost artifacts, see a myriad of ocean creatures – from mermaids to the legendary kraken – and do your best to stay out of Davy Jones’ Locker.

tales-of-lagoona-orphans-of-the-ocean get-this-game abyss-the-wraiths-of-edenget-this-game eternal-new-atlantis-collectors-editionget-this-game seabountyget-this-game
the-island-castawayget-this-game hidden-expedition-titanicget-this-game written-legends-nightmare-at-seaget-this-game pathfinders-lost-at-seaget-this-game

If you haven’t quite gotten your sea legs yet, our games are designed to appeal to gamers of all skill levels. Our library includes thousands of downloadable games, filled with friendly and fiendish fish alike.

More games can be found here: Android Games, iPad Games & iPhone Games . Play on all of your favorite mobile devices!

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