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Sing us a song… or play it! Our piano games give you many ways to make beautiful music. Piano games are more than just lots of fun; they teach valuable lessons about making music. Players learn important lessons about keeping time, rhythm, scales, and melody. Virtual piano keys can react just like the real things.

Piano themed games are not just limited to the traditional sound of the instrument. Keys can be set to make just about any sound.  It’s pretty fun to experiment with playing songs using the sound of an alien ray-gun. Or you just might prefer the sound of violins, or even a tuba. Even more musical variety is achieved when accompanying instruments are included as you play the piano melody.

Silent Nights: The Pianistget-this-game Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Editionget-this-game musaic-boxget-this-game


Many games teach piano by offering fun tasks that use musical skills for completion. Sometimes a specific key sequence may be needed to progress to even more challenging content. A note may be played, and the player will have to select the right key. Graphics may also be altered by note sequences. If you just want to play popular songs, there are piano games for that too. Go ahead, choose a game, and start to tickle those ivories.

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