Are you as quick as a hare? Affectionate as a bunny? Much like deer, female rabbits are called does and male rabbits are called bucks. Cuter still, young rabbits are sometimes called kittens. If you just love cuddly creatures, Rabbit Games are a great way to sneak some furry affection into your day. But there’s more to bunny-themed video games than meets the eye – there’s also a good helping of mystery!

Ready to head down the rabbit hole? There are out-of-this-world discoveries and appointments to make (don’t be late!). Between rabbits of all sizes and magical lands that don’t obey the laws of physics, there’s plenty of intrigue in the bunny world. Better yet, there’s a great Rabbit Game just a hip and a hop away!

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Just like rabbits, our games feature fast-paced action and adventure. Don’t worry if you’re more the patient tortoise type, because the Big Fish library has thousands of downloadable games to choose from, so you can pick your favorite or take the whole litter.

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