There are few buildings with as much mystery within as ancient temples. They’re likely to give haunted mansions a run for their money! If you’re interested in hunting for artifacts lost to time, breaking the curses of ancient civilizations and finding treasures no mortal should find, you can play our Temple Games!

There’s more to ancient buildings that mummies and deadly curses. There’s also fascinating architecture. Fortunately, the Big Fish library includes all types of games, so if you don’t have the same thirst for adventure as an intrepid explorer, you can opt for beauty and puzzle-solving instead.

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The world’s most famous temples are known for their aesthetic beauty, bold sculptures and for housing artistic masterpieces. The Big Fish library has titles with stunning graphics so you can enjoy beautiful sights right from your own home. With thousands of downloadable games, there are buildings in just about every setting and challenges to meet any type of player.

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