The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the lost artifacts of Egyptian pharaohs, the Holy Grail – everyone loves hunting for items of immeasurable value. Now you can begin your own quest for fortune and fame in our selection of Treasure Hunt Games! Just like the artifacts in the old tales, many virtual treasures are guarded by long-lost spirits or greedy pirates. Just remember: X marks the spot!

The fun thing about treasure is that it often comes with adventure. After all, it’s usually pirates, kings and other fascinating figures who leave behind priceless items. Whether you’re in it for glory or riches (or both) there are plenty of hidden gems in the Big Fish library for you to find!

i-spy-treasure-huntget-this-game hunt-for-jolly-rogers-treasureget-this-game treasure-seekers-follow-ghosts-collectorsget-this-game mayan-prophecies-ship-of-spirits-ce get-this-game
farmington-talesget-this-game treasure-seekers-the-time-collectors-editionget-this-game arizona-rose-and-the-pirates-riddlesget-this-game bigcityadventuresa get-this-game

If you’re ready to dive into worlds of fortune and mystery, check out our selection of thousands of downloadable games. If you can’t wait to start collecting shiny things, we also offer streaming Treasure Hunt Games on our Big Fish Unlimited page. Play instantly today!

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