Few things are quite as disruptive as a volcano – it’s basically an exploding mountain! If you’re inspired by the awesome power of Mother Nature, Volcano Games are a safe way to experience her Earth-shaking might. Plus, you may even get to protect your own tribe of island villagers from certain destruction!

Volcanic eruptions can be fantastic events (when viewed from a safe distance), but there’s more to a volcano than pure destruction. What about the civilizations that once lived nearby? What treasures did they leave behind? There are plenty of mysteries to explore in our library of volcano-themed Hidden Object Games. So, whether you like adventure or mystery, we have a game for you!

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If you’re anxious to undertake a volcano adventure to uncover fascinating history or brave some of the planet’s most monumental explosions, check out the Big Fish library. We have thousands of downloadable games designed for a range of interests and skill levels. We have family friendly volcano-themed mysteries as well as dangerous Adventure Games for you thrill seekers.

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