It’s nice to sit back, relax and play a few Puzzle Games after a long day of work. But what about those times you’d rather just let loose and go crazy? There’s nothing like a frantic Time Management game to get the heart racing, and we’ve got plenty other high-adrenaline gaming experiences to offer! The Big Fish library has all kinds of Wild Games set in different locales and time periods.

If you’ve ever had to race through the subway and leap over a turnstile to catch a train, you know how insane mass transit can get. And how about when you’re cutting it close to make a flight to an exotic location … does it get much wilder? But beyond the wild world of travel, we have games for every kind of crazy, from the Wild West to Oscar Wilde (and trust us, those Victorian era authors really knew how to cut loose!).

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wildthornberrysausget-this-game subwayscrambleget-this-game wild-tribeget-this-game airport-mania-2-wild-tripsget-this-game

Are you anxious for a chance to forget the rules and just have fun? The Big Fish library is full of crazy adventures, interesting characters and zany games for everyone! We also offer streaming Wild Games on our Big Fish Unlimited page. Play instantly today!

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