From the musky smell of the swamp to the mysterious smell of spice, there’s magic in the air, and not all of it is nice. That’s because our Witch games have witches of all kinds, from wicked to benevolent. One thing is true of all witches and warlocks, though: You can never be sure what to expect. Who better to craft the perfect Hidden Object game than someone who can turn things invisible?

When you play our games, you never have to wait for midnight to experience the witching hour. Whether you’re casting spells and crafting potions of your own or trying to avoid getting turned into a toad, our Witch Games are here to give you a magic-filled gaming experience. With multiple difficulties and a large selection of games, you can even turn around their bad reputation by playing as a good witch and working for noble causes!

echoes-of-the-past-the-revenge-ceget-this-game witch-hunters-stolen-beautyget-this-game nightmare-adventures-the-witchs-prisonget-this-game princess-isabella-a-witchs-curseget-this-game
tamara-the-13thget-this-game gothic-fiction-dark-sagaget-this-game midnight-mysteries-2-the-salem-witch-trials get-this-game the-witch-and-the-warriorget-this-game

Witches and warlocks, graveyards and ghosts – you’ll get to contend with magicians and monstrosities of all kinds as you unravel the mysteries in our gaming library!

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