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Big Fish Babes

Many people’s first thoughts when they hear about video games is to think about kids. As most of our fans know, this is far from the case! While there are plenty designers who focus on making games for kids, the Big Fish Babes are a clear illustration of how adults can get in on the fun as well. The Babes were recently featured on Evening Magazine on King 5 in Seattle. The story tells of how they came to know each other through their common interest in our games.

The Babes were invited to our Seattle office where they were given a tour of Big Fish Games’ Studios by Jeremy Lewis (CEO), Paul Thelen (Founder), and Pat Wiley (VP of Studios). With the tour came an inside look at how Big Fish Games’ Studios creates the Mystery Case Files line of games. These lucky ladies were even able to see content not yet released to the general public (how exciting!).

Paul took the time to sit with Evening Magazine and weigh in on the value of female gamers to Big Fish Games.

"Women are just rediscovering video games so it’s a very fast growing market. It’s a very largely untapped market."

Watch the full video of Computer Games Not Just For Kids on King 5 and learn how the women found Big Fish Games and more importantly, how they found each other.

Screen Captures from Big Fish Babes Video

Big Fish Babes Video Capture 1
Big Fish Babes Video Capture 2
Big Fish Babes Video Capture 3
Big Fish Babes Video Capture 4
Big Fish Babes Video Capture 5
Big Fish Babes Video Capture 6

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