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You asked for it, so we prepared it your way. Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale, is now available on PC!!

You’re the Cooking Academy valedictorian, on your way to culinary stardom in the latest game in the popular Cooking Academy series! Compete in a kitchen showdown, creating mouthwatering dishes and delights from around the globe – baking, slicing, dicing and chopping in dozens of cooking mini-games. Deck out your restaurant with fancy counters, tables and elegant décor to attract more customers and earn more tips. It’s up to you to build the ultimate restaurant and win the Restaurant Royale competition! If you want to read more, check out our interview about how the Cooking Academy series was created.


Play Free Today on PC!

  • Run your own restaurant as you compete in Restaurant Royale.
  • Master cooking games to unlock all 60 dishes.
  • Boost your popularity with more than 100 unique elements of décor.
  • Plant and grow your own spice garden.
  • Complete daily goals to earn more Coins and Bucks.
Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale

Do you have the talent to manage a restaurant and be the greatest chef in the world? Or are the steaks too high?

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