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A: Each level has its own level goal and the goal must be completed to move forward. There are a few different types of level goals:

  1. Likes: this goal is represented by a “thumbs up” icon. The player must collect “Likes” from customers by serving their food quickly so that they will stay happy. If a customer is served too slowly, no “Likes” for you!
  2. Dishes: any food or drink you serve to a customer is called a “dish”. Some levels require that a certain number of dishes be served to win. The best way to do this is to keep customers happy – if they walk away then you may miss out on serving them food!
  3. Money levels: everyone loves tips! Money levels require that the player make a certain amount of cash before the time or customer count runs out. Money is collected by serving quality dishes, collecting cash tips, and performing dishes combos.

A: If you’re fast enough, then chances are you can serve multiple dishes to your customers at once! This is referred to as a Dish Combo and it pays to complete them. Serve up to 5x combos to earn extra coins that count towards your level goal. Making a combo can sometimes make the difference between winning and losing a level!

A: Each restaurant contains a set number of levels on the map that must be completed to unlock new restaurants. To continue progression, make sure to collect Golden Comment Cards from certain levels that you might have already played once before. These Golden Comment Cards can be found by replaying certain levels – you’ll see a Golden Comment Card on a serving dish at the start of specific levels if the reward is offered for replaying. Don’t worry! Every level is a new challenge!

A: Yes! New cities are added often! After you complete all the levels in one city and have collected all the Golden Comment Cards available, you’ll be able to travel to the next location and a dynamic map will open to track all the places you have traveled to.

A: Except for the beginning donut and burger restaurants, each restaurant to follow comes with 40 levels. These same restaurants all have a bonus level which is marked by a glow and an arrow. Once you have completed all levels and goals, a transport vehicle will take you to the next chronological city.

A: For every restaurant (except for restaurants with donuts and burgers) there is one bonus level. These levels consist of 10-minute long challenges where you must be at the top of your game! Any mistake -burning food, throwing food away, upsetting a customer – can all result in a level ending. But if you are up for the challenge, TONS of coins can be earned here!

A: Seeing levels that are bright pink on the map? You have found the “extra shift” levels! Once you have completed all 3 tiers of gameplay in each restaurant level, these pink “extra shift” levels will begin appearing. The levels are selected at random from those levels that you have completed and they can be replayed to earn more coins!

A: After completion of the first city, New York, you can travel to more cities! Once you have completed New York, look for the globe icon on each city map. This can be found in the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap this icon and start traveling! There are many food scenes to explore in many cities!

A: There are 2 types of currency you can earn in-game: coins and spoons

  1. Coins are earned from playing and winning levels. You can use the coins you earn to make kitchen equipment and ingredient quality upgrades.
  2. Spoons are earned from beating levels, completing daily tasks, and picking up daily rewards. If you need a boost, want to restore your lives, or speed up cupcake timers in the game then make sure you have enough spoons! Need more? These are also available for purchase in the store.

A: As you progress in the game, it helps to make sure you have the tastiest food and state of the art equipment. Upgrade your food ingredients and kitchen equipment to help with level completion. Simply tap on the UPGRADE option from any level start screen and use your coins to purchase a variety of upgrades.

A: As you progress in the game, a variety of boosts will be unlocked to help you complete levels. Here are the types of boosts that are offered:

  1. Cupcakes: these are free boosts that can be collected after you unlock the bakery, and they replenish for you to collect every 4 hours. Use these boosts in levels to keep customers from getting angry (just look at their mood meter to see when a tasty cupcake may be needed!)
  2. Burn-Proofer: this boost can be selected in the level start screen prior to starting the level. Use these boosts, denoted by a frying pan, to keep food from burning in the pan.
  3. Price Doubler: need to make more money to beat a level? Select this boost from the level start screen and DOUBLE the amount of money you earn!
  4. Insta-Cook: select this boost from the level start screen and cook food instantly as soon as you tap on the food!
  5. Dazzler: purchase this boost in the shop and use the boost to distract and freeze all your customers while you continue to make their food.
  6. Get help from a friend! Sign in with Facebook to play your game and your Facebook friends can help! If you ever run out of time or customers needed to complete your goal in a level, you can use your friends as an extra customer once a day per friend! Friends are only available if they have recently signed into the game.

A: Loyal players get rewarded! The fortune cookie at the start of your game is your daily bonus for playing consistently. Every day you come to play you get something new. The daily bonus begins again each week. Keep coming back! Missing a day of gameplay will restart the fortune cookie rewards.

A: After level 13, you will see a chef icon pop up on the right side of your city map screen. This is your daily task and there are 3 to complete every day! Complete up to 3 daily tasks a day and win prizes like coin, spoons, and boosts!

A: Each player has 5 lives and these lives are lost if a level is failed or if a player leaves the level early. Don’t worry! Lives will restore after a period of time and soon you will be able to earn INFINITE lives through upcoming features.

A: Connecting your game to Facebook has many benefits! You can use leaderboards, send and receive lives from friends, see your friends on the map, and even use your friends as a boost as you try and complete certain level goals.

A: If you see a location on your map with this label, then stay tuned! New cities are always being added.

A: Certainly! If you ever need more spoons or want to purchase additional boosts with your spoons, simply tap on the shopping cart icon from your city map. This will open the store where you can equip yourself with the resources you need.

A: Don’t forget to clock in for your shift! It is important to sign in via Facebook or your Big Fish Games account so that your game progress can be saved. Signing into Facebook doesn’t just allow you to play with your friends; signing in through Facebook will also save your game progress! You can also use your Big Fish Games account to sign in as well and progress will be stored. If you ever find that your progress has vanished, trying signing back into your social media or Big Fish Games account to restore it.

A: That’s okay! We are here to help! Simply reach out to Customer Support and we will help you directly. If you have linked your game to a Big Fish Games account, please share the email address on the account. If you have linked your game to Facebook, please share your user ID. The user ID can be found on the main title screen or in the settings menu in the bottom-right corner.


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