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Drawn: The Painted Tower Gets Customer Support Testing

Our Customer Support team in Seattle took a short break last week and dove into the world of Drawn, the new release from Big Fish Games Studios. Between answering emails and chatting with customers, they were able to get a small taste of what our Studios team has been cooking up for the last several months. Although they were only able to play the first few levels, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

“The game seamlessly combines adventure, puzzles and intrigue. You will be hooked in the first 5 minutes! Not to mention the artwork is amazing. Players will also be awed by the concept and storyline. Who can resist Iris, our magical heroine in distress?” – Nicole, French Customer Support Representative

“I enjoyed the illustrative approach and thought it fit in nicely with the theme and title, Drawn. The game was very engaging and challenging. I didn’t want to stop playing it!” – Odessa, Customer Support Representative

“From the main journey down to each mini-game, this game is visually and mentally engaging. I recommend working through puzzles backwards when necessary, keeping in mind that some objects can be used in more than one location, and experimenting with the starting and ending points as you draw – in some cases, it may make a difference. Also, the tiered hint structure and option to skip mini-games leaves the player to decide how much of a challenge he or she is up for.” – Greg, Customer Support Representative

In addition to getting a feel for the game, Customer Support’s involvement also helped out a bit with testing. Drawn will be one of the more graphically complex games released by Big Fish Games Studios, so it never hurts to have an extra set of players to find those pesky bugs!

Now that our Support team has been captivated, they’re anxiously waiting (along with our Forum fishies) Friday’s release in order to continue the adventure.

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