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Welcome to the Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery and Tricks! The bayou. The roaring 1920′s. A supernatural secret. Step into Dark Manor, where ghostly hosts will help you find your way! Beautify your manor and explore the spine-chilling hidden object scenes… if you DARE!

Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with.

Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more game help, or for technical trouble shooting see our FAQ.


General Tips

  • Log in every day to Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery to harvest your manor, give/receive gifts, and collect your daily reward (A).
  • Place attractions, enigmas, decorations, and walkers to earn JuJu, energy, and open levels!
  • Link to your Facebook account and invite your friends to play. The more neighbors you have, the more gifts you can receive. Linking to Facebook also backs up your manor and allows you to play across different systems like PC and iPad, plus you earn an exclusive item (B).
  • Post a picture of your manor on the Dark Manor Facebook page for a chance to win gold and have your manor featured in the game. Visit the Dark Manor Facebook page at . Like the page to be notified of special events like free play and scavenger hunts.
  • Watch for sales and special events to increase your holdings.
  • Check in the Dark Manor game forum at to meet other players and learn tricks they have discovered.

Getting Started and Playing Quests

  • Once you initially enter the game, you will have a brief tutorial (C).
  • Follow these prompts to learn how to move around the game.
  • You begin by finding items on a list (D). You will collect ectoplasm for every item you find (E).
  • Next, select a quest button on the left (F).
  • You will see a pop-up explaining the task. Press ‘Go Now’ to begin the task (G).
  • Some tasks you can skip with gold.
  • Locate the items on the list to complete the quest (H).
  • There are different hidden object modes you will play during the quests.
  • Classic Mode will have 12 objects to find. Scramble mode also has 12 objects to find, but turns the list into anagrams.
  • Split screen mode will have you find the differences between two pictures. Category puzzles will have you find six instances of two separate objects.
  • Blitz mode will have you find as many objects as you can in the allotted time. Lightning blitz has you find one object in a limited amount of time. Finding this object activates another object to find and adds time to the clock.
  • The scene is initially in close-up, so drag it around to see everything (I).
  • You can also ‘pinch’ the screen to zoom in/out.
  • Finding items while the meter is active will increase your score (J).
  • You can increase your score by finding items in alphabetical order, or in special groups such as ‘Critters and former critters’ (pink).
  • Check the Dark Manor game forum at to see what special groups other players have discovered.
  • You can use the ‘Hint’ button to locate items, but your score will decrease when doing so (K).
  • Select the ‘Home” button to discard the level (@). You will lose all progress on the puzzle.
  • Spin for your prize (L).
  • Spins cost 2 Energy (M).
  • You can also choose to skip this step (N).
  • If you earned a high score, you will see a medal (O) and your score will appear on the list (P).
  • Bonuses you have earned will appear in the left panel (Q).
  • Silver and experience (XP) you have earned are shown here (R).
  • Your total score for the quest will appear at the top (S).
  • Use the buttons below to play the scene again (T), return to your mansion (U), or look at the available chapters (V).
  • ‘Mode’ will show the high scores for this mode; select ‘Scene’ to see the top scores for the scene (@).
  • If you have completed your quest, you will automatically receive your reward.
  • Select a button to begin or resume a quest (W). You may also skip quests with gold (X).

The User Interface

  • Your quest and achievement buttons are located on the left (A). A flashing binoculars indicates you have quests available.
  • The bottom left button changes the environment from night to day and back again (B).
  • The blue meter is your JuJu. Earning JuJu opens up new locations to play. Earn JuJu with the items and walkers you place on your property (C). Select the meter to see how much JuJu you must collect to reach the next level.
  • The purple meter is your energy (D). Nearly everything you do will expend energy. Refill with gifts or purchases, or you can wait for the energy to refill over time. You can purchase energy with gold if you select the meter.
  • The green meter is your Experience or XP. The number in the circle is your XP level (E). XP is earned by solving hidden object scenes, completing quests, and placing certain items on your manor. Select the meter to learn how many points until your next level.
  • Above the green meter is your mansion’s name. Select the name to change and to select an avatar (F).
  • Gold is used to purchase energy, silver, and other items for your mansion. You can earn gold through achievements and awards like spinning the wheel. Select the meter to purchase gold with your iTunes or Big Fish account. Watch for a red flag or pop-up indicating a sale (G).
  • Silver is used to purchase items for your mansion. Earn silver by completing quests and harvesting the items you place on your mansion grounds. Select the meter to purchase more silver using your gold (H).
  • Select the gear to open the options menu (I).
  • Select the sale button to find discounted items (J). The icon will indicate which items are for sale. The magnifying glass indicates chapters/rooms.
  • Select the tools icon to begin decorating your mansion grounds. Items are purchased with gold and silver (K).
  • The neighbor’s icon will take you to an area where you can send and receive gifts and manage your neighbors. A red number indicate you have neighbor requests pending (L).
  • Select the magnifying glass to view the chapters and select a location to play (M).
  • Select the chips to visit the Riverboat Casino (N).
  • Open the options menu using the gear button (A).
  • Inside you will see your Dark Manor ID (B).
  • Use this button to log out of Facebook (C).
  • The ‘Settings’ button allows you to set your preferences (D).
  • The buttons in the center panel adjust your sounds and notifications (E).
  • Use the buttons in the lower panel to set your message preferences (F).
  • Press the ‘Info’ button to bring up buttons to bring up more options (G).
  • Select the ‘FAQ’ or ‘Support’ buttons to link to the support sections (H).
  • The ‘Facebook’ button allows you to connect to the Dark Manor Facebook page for exclusive updates. (I).
  • Use these buttons to link to the credits, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy (J).
  • Use the envelope button to tell friends about the game (K).

Your Dark Manor

  • Select the ‘Tools’ icon to begin decorating your manor.
  • You can also purchase temporary ‘Boosts’ to increase your earning power (A).
  • Enigmas (B), Decorations (C), Paths (E), and Walkers (F) cost gold or silver and will earn Juju and experience once you place them on your manor.
  • Attractions (D) cost gold or silver and will earn you silver once they are placed on your property. Make sure your walkers can access the attractions like the Tesla Coil by placing paths on your grounds.
  • Change the appearance of your manor by purchasing manor paint (G). Your manor will automatically change to reflect the appropriate holiday.
  • Store items you do not want to use in your inventory (H).
  • Select the ‘I’ button to learn how long it takes an item to become available, how much space it needs, and the amount of XP you will earn for its purchase (I).
  • Select the item to purchase it (J).
  • Locked items become available as you level up (K).
  • Drag the item to the location you want and select the arrows to change the orientation (L).
  • Select the ‘X’ to cancel the sale or the check to place the items.
  • You will have to wait for the item to become available to summon. You can also pay gold to summon early.
  • If you want to move, sell, or store an item, press and hold to bring up the controls (M).
  • Selling items will always be at a loss. Removing items from your grounds will decrease your JuJu intake.
  • Press the crossed arrows to bring up the editing controls if you want to move the item. Press the dollar sign to sell the item, or press the suitcase to store the item.
  • Collect silver during the day (N). Your scene will automatically change to the correct time of day.
  • Collect JuJu during the night (O). You can also change from night to day (P).
  • You can also use the collect all buttons once they appear for both Juju and silver (@).
  • Some items require you to start them, and will provide a different reward depending on the time of day you harvest them (Q).
  • Purchase adjacent plots of land to expand your grounds. Select the land to purchase it (R).
  • Purchasing certain plots of land will make bonus scenes available.
  • Land and other items purchased with silver take time to summon or manifest. Watch the meters to track progress; you can use gold if you do not want to wait (S).
  • Once you summon your plot, a treasure chest will appear (T).
  • Open the chest for a prize of gold, silver, or both (U).

Neighbors and Gifts

  • Select the ‘Neighbors’ icon at the bottom of the screen to manage your neighbors.
  • The check-mark indicates you are connected to the Facebook and Game Center Leaderboards (A).
  • This counter shows the number of your neighbors (B).
  • Send gifts to your neighbors (C). The icon will change to show the item sent.
  • Visit your neighbors by selecting the house icon (D). A check mark will indicate you have visited them today.
  • Sort your neighbors by name or by the last time they played (E).
  • Select the envelope to view friend requests, gifts, and messages (F).
  • Select this button to add new neighbors (G).
  • You can also select this gift icon to send gifts (H).
  • Use the edit button to remove neighbors (I).
  • Select the ‘Add All’ button to add all the neighbors (J).
  • Select the ‘+’ to add a neighbor or the ‘x’ to remove a request (K).
  • Select each icon to claim your gift (L).
  • Note that you cannot collect energy if your meter is at max.
  • Select the neighbor’s icon to return to your list of neighbors (M).
  • Send friend requests to Facebook friends (N).
  • Invite your Game Center friends to play (O).
  • Select free or premium gifts to send to your neighbors (Q).
  • You have a daily limit on the number of free gifts you may send (R).
  • The gift you choose will appear in the lower right (S).
  • Select the friends you want to send gifts to (T), and then push the send button (U).
  • Select ‘Visit’ to travel to a neighbor’s manor.
  • You will earn energy, XP and silver for visiting (I).
  • Select the task icon on the left to play a hidden object scene in Blitz mode (J).
  • Select the house icon to return to your manor (K).
  • While you are visiting a neighbor, you can send them a message.
  • Select the mailbox (L).
  • Select inside the green box to bring up the keyboard and type your message (M).
  • Press the ‘Send button (N).


  • Selecting the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen will take you to the chapters.
  • Open chapters will display the energy cost to play (A).
  • Locked chapters will have a lock and sometimes the amount of juju required to unlock the level (B).
  • Premium scenes cost gold to unlock; you will also earn bonus items (C).
  • Once you have cleared the land to these areas at your manor, select the bonus button to access those levels (D).
  • Select a location to play the scene.

Riverboat Casino

  • The Riverboat Casino will unlock once you reach level 16. Select the chips icon at the bottom of the screen to access the casino.
  • Visit daily for a free spin. Use the arrows or drag the screen to change machines; select the machine you want to play.
  • Select the plus to purchase additional chips (A).
  • This window shows your winnings from the spin (B).
  • Select the ‘i’ to see the combinations needed to win (C).
  • Select the ‘BET’ button to change the amount you bet per spin (D).
  • Select ‘SPIN’ to play (E).
  • You can win horizontally and/or diagonally; Jokers are wild (F).
  • Select the ‘Chips’ icon to return to the machine selection area (G).
  • TThree jokers in a row will win you a jackpot! Each machine has different exclusive prize (H).
  • You will also earn up to 20 gold, depending on the size of your bet and the row in which the jackpot appears (I).
  • To see the payoff amounts, select the ‘i’ symbol (J).


I’ve lost my manor! I don’t want to start over!

  • Dark Manor utilizes server saves; most likely you have been logged out of your account and just need to re-sync it. Make sure you are logged into Facebook. If you are not, exit the game, log into Facebook, and then re-launch the game. Your manor should be back!
  • If you are logged into Facebook and your manor is not restored, please contact Customer Support.

How do I manage and recover my accounts?

  • Switching to different accounts is easy. From the Main Menu, select ‘Not you?’ (A) in the upper-left corner, and then select the account you want to switch to under ‘Device Accounts.’
  • Choose ‘Play’ (B) on the account of your choice to begin playing.

How can I rename my manor?

  • Touch the mansion name to open a dialog for renaming.

How do I move, flip, sell or store a building?

  • Press and hold on any item to enter edit mode. Tap the arrows icon to enable item movement.
  • Move: You can now drag the item to move it. Tap the green check icon to set the placement, or red ‘x’ to cancel. Note: base grid squares display red to indicate where items cannot be placed. The left/right arrow icon flips an item’s orientation.
  • Sell: Tap the silver ‘$’ icon to sell an item.
  • Store: Tap the brown suitcase icon to place items into your inventory.

What are the different hidden object modes available?

  • Classic: find the twelve listed hidden objects. Use the hint for help.
  • Scramble: as classic mode, but turns the object list into anagrams.
  • Split screen: find the six differences between the two scenes.
  • Blitz: find as many objects as possible within the time limit.
  • Lightning Blitz: find a single object in a limited time. Success triggers new object/additional time.
  • Category puzzles: find six instances of two separate objects.

How do I open new hidden object scenes ?

  • New hidden object scenes open by increasing your JuJu level.
  • Obtain JuJu by buying and placing objects on your mansion.
  • Earn silver for buying objects or by playing Hidden Object scenes.
  • Unlock new items for your mansion by increasing your experience level.
  • Earn experience by playing hidden object scenes and by placing objects.

I don’t want to wait, what should I do?

  • Use gold to make things happen right away.
  • Gold can be earned in the game or purchased via an in-app purchase.

Does Dark Manor post on Facebook without my permission?

  • Dark Manor never posts on Facebook without your permission.

How do I log into my game from a second device?

  • A current game can only be played on a second device via the Facebook login.
  • Login into your Facebook account on the second device and your game will load.

What should I do if I have problems with the game?

  • Contact Big Fish Customer Support with your player ID (displayed in options) and the name of your Mansion. Big Fish Customer Support

Is there an online forum for the game?

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