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Remember when you were a kid and you’d recreate cool objects using Legos? It was your imagination’s shortcut to owning whatever you wanted: swords, moon rovers, reptiles your parents wouldn’t let you keep as pets, and other adult things that kids can’t (or shouldn’t) own.

Now that you’re an adult, you’re all about practical stuff. No time for pretending you’re on the moon or slaying dragons. You’ve got a job that’s counting on you, a mortgage to pay, books to read, a car to get repaired.

Seriously, if you’re going into space, that’s a lot of work. At least you should be getting paid for it, you know?

I don’t need to preach about the importance of play to you, dear reader of a gaming blog. But don’t you miss unfettered empire building made from Legos? What’s it going to take to get adults playing with Legos again?

How about something practical: building Legos into your everyday life. Making the stuff you need out of Legos!

Here’s what a day built from Legos might look like.

Rise and shine, sleepyhead! Your busy day is about to begin. Forget that you were just sleeping on a bed made from 20,000 Lego blocks – the same ones that felt like one thousand stinging bees when you stepped on the mess in your childhood playroom.

Pain is merely weakness leaving the body. Rise!

Lego bed
Image source: Daily Mail

Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you wander into the bathroom. Splash water on your face in the sink, sit on your throne and do your business (yes, that is allegedly a working toilet).

Lego Bathroom
Image source: Amazing eZone

The toilet isn’t working and you accidentally break a few blocks off of the internal flushing mechanism. That sucks. Make a note to call a Lego plumber.

You’re seriously getting bent out of shape – a little breakfast will make you feel better. Wander down to the kitchen.

Lego kitchen
Image source: Trendland

And you see your cat left a nice gift for you right on the counter.

Lego cat
Image source: Daily Mail

You’re nasty, cat.

This morning isn’t going so well. SIGH. What were we doing? Oh yeah. Cooking. Grab your utensils.

Lego utensil holder
Image source: Houzz

And make some waffles.

Lego waffle
Image source: LeGogh

When you turn your back, your cat snags a waffle and you exclaim “LEGO MY EGGO! Especially with that dead-mouse mouth of yours.”

You opt to throw away the waffles and hope you’ll find something else along the way.

Must. Find. Inner. Peace. Grab your coffee and admire the gorgeous day outside through your stained-Lego window.

Lego window
Image source: Daily Mail

Time to get rolling. Put on your suit and designer Lego shoes for another big day at the office.

Lego shoes
Image source: Lost at E Minor

You climb into your sweet Lego Volvo SUV

Lego Volvo Front
Image source: Serious Wheels

And gaze in the rearview mirror at your 3.3 million brick home.

Lego house
Image source: Daily Mail

Park in front of your office and admire your Volvo SUV again because – yowza – this is an impressive human accomplishment.

Lego Volvo back
Image source: Serious Wheels

When you get to your desk, you find IT has finally got around to fixing your desktop computer. The thing is dismantled and its guts are spilling out!

Lego Mac computer
Image source: Apartment Therapy

This isn’t going to be a quick job. How are you supposed to get your work done now?

Time for some old-school phone dialing…

Lego phone
Image source: Apartment Therapy

… and paper stapling.

Lego Stapler
Image source: Apartment Therapy

Stapler calluses are building up on your fingers. You’re pretty sure there’s a rash developing on your ear. How did people work in comfort before a computer?

You were surprisingly relieved to see the meeting reminder that popped up on your mobile phone. To the board room!

Lego table
Image source: Trendland

The team sloughs through some sales numbers for a half hour when everyone decides to put this day out of its misery and grab dim sum around the corner.

Lego dim sum
Image source: Simply Fresh Ottawa

That attractive coworker you like totally chowed down their fish plate. They’re cute but their breath isn’t. Bummer.

Lego fish
Image source: Simply Fresh Ottawa

This day. Seriously. You’ve never been so happy to arrive home and crash on the couch.

Lego couch
Image source: Andy Pixel

Turning on the TV, there’s only an old, repetitive episode of Superman playing. Over and over again.

Lego TV
Image source: Andy Pixel

You get bored fast so decide to play your… giant… Nintendo DS.

Lego Nintendo DS front
Lego Nintendo DS back
Image source: Sean Kenney

You lay down on that hard bed of yours and dream sweet dreams of your cute coworker and… oversized sushi?!

Lego sushi
Image source: Legocy


This day isn’t all that exciting—but hopefully your favorite childhood toy made it just a little more awesome.

It’s dangerous to go alone. What Lego creation would you take with you on an average day?

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