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Pollen is known for causing allergies, but in Czechoslovakia it causes death! Citizens have reported the presence of a strange and toxic pollen that causes those who encounter it to become deadly ill. The pollen appears suddenly, the only warning of its impending arrival a faint, hypnotic song sung by a woman’s voice. Who is behind this pollen and why have they unleashed it?

Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel is the seventh installment in the popular Dark Parables series. Developed by Blue Tea Games, the Dark Parables series are a unique and beautiful retelling of the very fairy tales we know and love. Not only do these hidden object adventure games star nostalgic characters with a unique twist, each Dark Parables game includes a storyline that is interwoven within each sequel. While Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel will surely introduce you to a new cast of characters, including the beautiful and haunted Princess Rapunzel, be on the lookout for characters, items or references that appeared in the previous six Dark Parables games!

In Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel you play the role of the renowned Fairytale Detective, who is called upon to discover the source of the deadly pollen. As a master detective, you trace the pollen to Mount Snezka, where lie the ruins of the fabled Floralia Kingdom. The kingdom was once ruled by the beautiful and wise Queen Violante who, upon her death, left the kingdom to her daughter, Princess Rapunzel. Some say that Rapunzel still lives among the ruins of her mother’s kingdom, hidden away in a tower for reasons unknown. Upon arriving at Floralia’s gates you encounter not only the purple flower from which the pollen originates, but a young botanist named Kai under attack by a mass of violent vines. After saving Kai you gain access to Floralia and immediately encounter Princess Rapunzel whose haunting song releases a cloud of noxious pollen. But she is not alone! By her side at all times is a shadowy young woman, who appears to hold significant sway over the once beloved princess. Who is this woman and what has she done to Princess Rapunzel? To find out you will need to enter Rapunzel’s Tower, if you can get past the giant plant Gollum that guards it!

Search through hidden object scenes to find the items you need in your journey. Play mini games to unlock important items or new areas of interest. Every good detective knows the importance of details. Prove how good you are by finding all of the parable pieces and unlock the back story for Rapunzel, the Kingdom of Floralia and other important characters or locations within the game. Finally, test your object finding skills by locating all of the morphing objects!
Can you stop the spread of the deadly pollen!? Play now on PC and MAC.

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