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Daily Magic Productions

Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection

Usually when we meet with Daily Magic Productions, we get very unique stories full of unbelievable coincidences that tie into the making of their current projects. This time, however, they wanted us to sit down with the Ominous Objects team to learn a little about the real-live people who make the games you love. Daily Magic sincerely wants you to get to know each team member so you can feel their individual contributions while playing through the next Ominous Objects game. We asked each person about their job, their inspirations, and which Ominous Object they wish they could have! Their answers are below (along with images of some not-so-ominous objects they keep at their desks). Daily Magic hopes you will enjoy this insight, and that you will remember each team member fondly as you play Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection.

Daily Magic Productions Dev Spotlight

Marianna Shilina CEO

I started this company when I was 24. For me, it was a chance to tell people interesting and mysterious stories. Even though my position is CEO, I think of myself as the creative head. I must eventually approve everything, so I make sure that all of our games have that spooky and mysterious atmosphere you love. If I could have an Ominous Object, it would be a special mirror that could transport me to a mystical forest. I love adventures, and my job has me so busy that vacationing in a far-away land is just what I need to stay in tip-top shape!

Daily Magic1

Alona Ostash PM/ game designer

I am Alona Ostash, the Project Manager for Ominous Objects. I love the sea, nature, the Victorian era, and Burmese cats. When writing our games, it is sometimes very difficult to comply with different eras, because so many things had not yet been invented. We often have to look for equivalents. For example, we might replace a lighter with a flint. For my Ominous Object, I would like to have a watch that stops, slows down, speeds up, or turns back time.

Anastasia Pasko Daily Magic

Anastasia Pasko

Hello, everyone! My name is Anastasia, and I am the Lead Artist for Ominous Objects. I love horses, mountains, and forests. My hobby is horse riding, and I also love to travel. In fact, my inspiration comes from all the bright emotions I feel when traveling. When working on locations, I find my inspiration in the paintings of the old masters, movies, and books. Also, I do a lot of research on the Internet to find furniture and other things from a particular era.

Daily Magic Productions Dev Spotlight

Olga Bessonova

Hi, everyone! My name is Olga Bessonova (my last name means “sleepless”). I’m the Senior Manager at Daily Magic Productions. It’s so great to see the creation of our games by a team of talented game designers, artists, and programmers! If I had an Ominous Object, it would be a teleporter for my workplace. :)

Dmitry Polonsky Daily Magic Productions

Dmitry Polonsky

Hi! My name is Dmitry, and I am an Animator for the Ominous Objects series. I actually already have an Ominous Object – a magical PC mouse that makes my animations look so believable.

Daily Magic Productions Dev Spotlight

Olga Kozhukhova

Hi! My name is Olga. I’ve loved drawing ever since I was a child, and I’ve dreamed of becoming an artist. And dreams do come true! I love my job – I am so lucky to get to do my favorite hobby and even get paid for it. I wish you just as much luck in finding yourself. My favorite thing from Ominous Objects is Mr. Jenkins!

Daniil Daily Magic

Daniil Podobed

I’m Danil, the Project Artist for Ominous Objects. I like to make big, open locations in my art. In my spare time, I like to play acoustic guitar, and I’m also interested in classical literature. When drawing a location, I find my inspiration in the paintings of modern artists and searching for new things on the Internet. Even when I draw something good, I try to find a better piece from someone else that inspires me to improve my own work.

Angela Schepelina Daily Magic

Angela Schepelina

Hello, everyone! My name is Angela, and I am an Artist. I love to draw and make beautiful things. I also love my team – we tried very hard to create an interesting project… and I hope we have succeeded!

Daily Magic Productions Dev Spotlight

Yulia Yakubik

I am Yulia Yakubik. I like sports and treat working here like it is a competition. I really love my team – working with them is always very fun. If I could have an Ominous Object, I’d want special goggles that show what people are thinking.

Sergey Gubko Final

Sergey Gubko

My name is Sergey. I’m a Programmer/Scripter at Daily Magic. I am interested in sports, and I love to read and watch movies. I like my work because it is a great opportunity to participate in making great games.

Developer Spotlight Daily Magic Productions

Denis Schepelin

Hi! My name is Denis! I’m an Animator, and I work on the Ominous Objects series. I like to draw and make animations. When not working on animations, I draw. Best wishes!

Daily Magic Productions Dev Spotlight

Sergei Kirichenko

My name is Seriojia. I am an artist for Daily Magic. I like my work because I get to put a piece of my soul into every zoom. I like to make things unique. And I really like the horror genre, no matter what it is.

Ruslan Tcherniy Final

Ruslan Tcherniy

I am Ruslan T., an Animator for Ominous Objects. Thinking back to childhood, I always wanted to shoot bears and drink vodka, but my comrades convinced me to try character animation instead. So I create a double-positive effect here: less impact on wildlife and more animations in Ominous Objects! For my Ominous Object, I’d like to have a rebellion processor that contains devices and conspiracy plots for drowning our civilization in new age.

Benjamin Widdowson Daily Magic

Benjamin Widdowson

I’m Benjamin Widdowson, the Seattle-based Concept Artist at Daily Magic! I also fill in for other roles when needed as a sort of “pinch hitter.” Concept art is basically all of the locations, characters, and cut scenes before they’re finalized. I come up with the visuals and ideas and sketch them out before the artists make the in-game versions you see. The hardest part of that is switching back and forth between teams. Sometimes I have to go from drawing a Victorian mansion with fantasy elements to a modern-day city street. This can make it hard to find a “flow,” but I think I manage pretty well in the end! If I had an Ominous Object, it would be a pen that could make anything I draw become real. Can you say Robot Ninja Tyrannosaurus Bear?

Daily Magic Productions Dev Spotlight

Ivan Bondarenko

Hello, everyone. My name is Ivan, and I am the Lead Programmer at Daily Magic. My main responsibility is to make everything work. I love making games, and have been doing it for the past 10 years. I started as the only programmer at Daily Magic, and now we have over the 15 employees in the programming department! The Ominous Objects series is a very special project for me, especially because of Mr. Jenkins. :)

Eugenia Raevskaya Final

Eugenia Raevskaya

I am Eugenia, Game Designer at Daily Magic. I like to collect fun things. In my spare time, I like to read and watch comedies. I also love cats, especially calicos. As a game designer, I find that working with the past is not difficult in principle. Even though you can’t use modern items or technology, we get the chance to make even more interesting interactions.

Daily Magic Productions Dev Spotlight

Ekaterina Katana

My name is Katya, and I am an Artist at Daily Magic. When making locations or any art for our games, there are plenty of references on the Internet to make my job easier. We also have many artists here, so I try to make mine stand out! I like creepy and twisted stuff and horror games. In my spare time, I like to draw and play. About that Ominous Object question… Well, it would be cool to have an item that enables traveling back in time.

Vladimir final

Vladimir Koskov

Hi! My name is Vladimir, and I am one of the Programmers at Daily Magic (and I sometimes do scripting as well). As I kid, I dreamed of programming and playing games. Now, thanks to Daily Magic, both of those dreams have come true! Here, I’ve gained invaluable experience and have gotten a chance to meet talented and creative people… not to mention making my ideas a reality to please all of our gamers. It’s the exact place I can uncover my potential and bring in new ideas. Working on Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection, I realized that I would love to have a kitty like Mr. Jenkins who could fix all the bugs in my code with a light touch of his paw.

Daily Magic Productions team
As you can see, Daily Magic Productions is made up of unique and interesting individuals, all responsible for different aspects of the games you play. The reason that everything comes together in the end is the love and dedication that this team pours into each project.

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