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The convention season is in full swing. We’ve seen plenty of adults decked out in geek hommages – what really grabs attention is a child in tow, enthusiastically portraying their favorite superhero.

But what about the occasional costumed kid that makes you do a double-take? Among the adorable Jakes and Finns, hidden beyond the fuzzy lions and the furry Ewoks, you may find a kid that makes you say, “THAT. IS. AWESOME. And kinda disturbing.”

This post is dedicated to you, quirky kids, and your parents with a sharp sense of humor.

Evil Dead

Evil Dead Kid Costume
via Cosplay Kids

Mini Bruce Campbell here to save the world. He catches the zombies Necronomicon off guard with his adorableness – then shreds them to pieces. (Thanks to Miss Gory Rae for catching the edit. Horror flicks are not my strong suit.)

The Joker

Joker Kid Costume
via Music and Roses

The most recognizable and fearsome Batman foe. The Joker lives by one rule: terror for terror’s sake. Which makes me wonder what this little toddler has running through his head.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Kid Costume
via Cosplay Kids

If you’re familiar with the BATMAN franchise beyond the movies, you’ll know Harley as the perky Mistress of Mischief alongside her dear “Mister J”. Don’t let her sweet exterior fool you – she can be just as twisted as The Joker.

Iron Man Kid

Iron Man Kid Costume
via Joshua Lewis

Billionaire Playboy-turned-good-guy Tony Stark ‘ain’t going to let no terrorists push him around. This little warrior has some battle scars.

American McGee’s Alice

American McGee's Alice Kid Costume
via NekoSamaWorks

Imagine Alice was summoned back to Wonderland years later to find it being ruled by a deeply corrupt queen with dark powers. Doesn’t sound like a far fetch from the original “Alice in Wonderland” – until you see this game remake. Alice goes a little mad with her butcher knife.

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter Kid Costume
via SnaRulax

Speaking of twisted Wonderland – how about a Tim Burton overhaul? This kid has the darkness down pat for the costume.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands Kid Costume
via Anime Queen

There’s something about kids and Tim Burton movie costumes – here’s one of the classics starring Johnny Depp.

Jango Fett and Ewok

Jango Fett and Ewok Kid Costume
via Andrew Siguenza

Jango Fett is the ruthless father of the bounty hunter Boba Fett. He led an army of clones – he can definitely take on one little innocent Ewok.

Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre Kid Costume
via Cosplay Kids

Comedian Jack Black plays a Mexican wrestler fighting for honor. (What else?) This kid is winning at life. If you know his parents, please give them a high five for me.

Master Chief

Master Chief Halo Kid Costume
via Joshua Lewis

The Master Chief is a one-man army – the most powerful special ops marine fighting with his computer companion to save worlds from an alien race. I’d love to see this mini version drive a Warthog while swinging around an Energy Sword above his head. Yeeeeeee-hawwwwww!

Scout Trooper

Star Wars Scout Trooper Kid Costume
via Joshua Lewis

You’re familiar with the Storm Trooper – did you know that there’s a whole army of troopers for different roles? The Scout Trooper is the lone wolf – they’re sent out to gather intel and are known to be ruthless. There’s a reason you didn’t see many of them in the movies.

Little Sister

Little Sister Bioshock Kid Costume
via Momocon

BIOSHOCK is an example of what happens when tyrannical scientist builds a secluded society – and then all hell breaks loose. The Little Sister is a genetically engineered henchgirl who helps the terrifying Big Daddy stop you at all costs. Yeah, this is the stuff nightmares are made of. And this girl pulls it off.

So does this girl:

Little Sister Bioshock Kid Costume 2
via Cool Gizmo Toys

Darth Vader Princess and Fairy

Darth Vader Fairy
via booturtle

Oh yes, they went there. My Little Darth Princess and Magical Fairy Vader are here to enchant you – and then annihilate you. (Did you notice that Fairy Vader has a Death Star on the end of her wand? SQUEEEEE!)

Have you seen any slightly creepy kids’ costumes floating around? Share your favorites!

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