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Drawn: The Painted Tower Game

With the release of Drawn: The Painted Tower just around the corner, we took the time to visit with Big Fish Games’ Studios and see what insight we could share about the game.

Of course, if you’re reading this, you’ve likely seen the Drawn: The Painted Tower trailer. If not, here is where you’ll find the Official Drawn: The Painted Tower trailer video.

However, we were hoping to get our hands on something a bit more raw. Big Fish Games’ Studios came through with a collection of early concept sketches for us to share.

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Of course, we can’t get into the specifics of each sketch, but you’ll figure that out soon enough…

Enjoy the Drawn artwork!

Drawn Game Concept Sketch 1
Drawn Game Concept Sketch 2
Drawn Game Concept Sketch 3
Drawn Game Concept Sketch 4
Drawn Game Concept Sketch 5

Learn more about Drawn: The Painted Tower today.

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