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Lay the path to be your own boss in Dungeon Boss! Build up a roster of retro-styled heroes, raid a mess of dungeons with imposing strategic teams, and take down bigger Bosses as you progress. Pit your force of powerful champions through a series of boss battles, or PvP dungeon raids, discover hidden loot grabs, and complete daily challenges. Ascend your heroes as you go, building more resources and power-ups for victory, forging your own Boss strategy in this new free to play game!

Key Features

  • Unlock a powerful collection of Heroes, each with unique abilities, primed and ready to take down legendary bosses! Improve their star-ratings, ascend them to unlock new tactical abilities and build XP to upgrade their skills.
  • Crush Your Enemies as your teams battle through a vast land of brutal kingdoms, war-torn dungeons and threatening monsters! What will your strategy be? Customize each team depending on who or what you’re up against.
  • Your Loot is on the Line! Fortify your very own dungeon’s defenses, block attacks from other players, and raid their dungeons for your own gain! Build friends and summon their heroes to assist you in combat! Get to the leaderboard with new PvP dungeon raids.

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