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Up-and-coming developer Eipix has done what we thought would be impossible: delivered a game set in Ancient China that our players love!

You wonderful people out there in gameland have not exactly fallen in love with our games with Asian settings in the past. Maybe that’s because you associate them with “Kung Fu” action films that your son or nephew would want to play. It probably didn’t help that a lot of our game developers are younger guys who love Kung Fu action films!

So when Mirko Topalski and his crew at Eipix approached us with the idea to create a Myths of the World series – and set the first game in Ancient China, we were both excited and worried. Big Fish Producer Brandon Banaag and I worked with them to make sure the game would contain the elements we know our players want in a game: rich, sumptuous settings and strong characters with dynamic emotional relationships.

And that’s exactly what you get in Chinese Healer. It’s a gorgeous game in which you get to play as a woman who is renown for her healing arts. The Emperor himself requests your presence at the royal palace, where his son is very ill. You set out on a mission to save his son but end up having to save yourself as well!

Even though the story and main characters are original, Eipix paid homage to the real myths and legends of Ancient China. One example of this occurs in the beginning, when you must call on the wind spirit Fei Lan to power your sails. We have so many games that focus on the supernatural and myths of the western world, so it was thrilling to see them branch out into new territory.

Congratulations to Eipix! Brandon and I hope you enjoy the game.

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