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Fairway FeverBack in the day, Fairway Solitaire was a quiet casual game sensation. Those who tried it quickly became hooked. Those who didn’t were bound to discover it eventually. I alone logged hours upon hours playing the game on the bus to and from work.

Fast forward a few years and Fairway is back! Or, Fairway has just arrived…

What we mean is, the sequel to Fairway Solitaire has been released as Fairway. Moreover, a Facebook version of the game has been launched as Fairway Fever!

We’ve had plenty of people inquire as to tips, tricks, and hints to earn a higher score (yes, it’s possible to get well over 1,000,000!). As such, we offer you our top seven Fairway Fever tips. Use them to up your score and own your Facebook friends.

Use the Spacebar

If you didn’t already know, you don’t have to click on the deck of cards to turn over a new card. You can use the spacebar! It’s much, much faster and keeps your mouse pointer close to the playing field so you can click on the next card faster.

Pregame Scanning

Before the game begins, but after the playing field has been set, you have a few seconds to scan the upturned cards and prepare your strategy. True, this is tough when you don’t know what your first playing card is going to be, but as least you can note runs already available within the upturned cards.


This might seem obvious, but Fairway Fever is a tough game and tension is bound to increase. Do your best to relax and play loose. The more you stress out, the tougher it is to think clearly and the more likely you are to wear out.

Up and Down

It’s important to remember runs can go in either direction. If you turn up a Jack, remember to look for a Queen (up) or a 10 (down).

Powerup Cards

As you play through Fairway Fever, you’ll uncover special Powerup Cards. These special cards are a great way extend runs and score points fast. However, if you don’t know what each Powerup Card does, you won’t know how to use it properly to extract the most value. Learn all the Powerup Cards and note their effect so you can quickly decide when and how to use them.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you want to dominate Fairway Fever, there is really only one way…practice. The more you play the game, they better you’ll get at making quick decisions, extending runs, and scoring loads of points.

Challenge Your Friends

It takes time to master Fairway Fever and practicing can get old after a while. What better way to spice up your gaming than by challenging your friends?

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