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Want to go down in Big Fish history? We are launching a worldwide search to find the person who most resembles McDivot (the gopher character in Fairway Solitaire).

If you feel you look like a gopher–or know someone that does–you can submit a photograph via email to:

McDivot and Pat McDivot and Pat

“We really want to find someone, anyone, who looks like our McDivot character in the game” said Pat Wylie, VP of Big Fish Studios. “It is essential and will help restore order in our Big Fish universe.” The winner, based on the ruling of the Fairway Solitaire team will win five (5) green colored Skittles.

In addition, we are teaming up with to offer a limited number of free game codes for the full version of Fairway Solitaire on iPhone and iPod Touch!! The promotion is open to everyone, not just McDivot lookalikes, and there is no commitment or requirement to get the code. Visit for more details!


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