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Fairway Solitaire for iPad and iPhone

Fairway Solitaire is an inventive solitaire game that incorporates a golf theme and virtual currency into a familiar card game and turns it into a one-of-a-kind strategic mobile experience. More than 60 courses and an entertaining cartoon storyline, starring a meddlesome gopher named McDivot, delivers hours of entertainment, and drives players to keep coming back for more.

You can play this free solitaire game by downloading the Fairway Solitaire App for $0.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or $2.99 from the App Store on iPad.

“… an incredibly awesome puzzle game masquerading as solitaire.” – Penny Arcade

Download Fairway Solitaire

Fairway Solitaire will have regular updates with new courses and some exciting new gameplay modes planned. We are dedicated to continuing to support this game well after this initial launch.

Fairway Solitaire Trailer

Fairway Solitaire Features

Similar to real golf, Fairway Solitaire’s courses can be played time and time again. You can strive for a perfect score on every hole, aim for the longest drive, set your sights on becoming the ultimate champion, and more. Fairway Solitaire’s dozens of trophies and World Records help to take this mobile game out of the pack, and turns it into a game that you can’t stop playing.

  • Bright scenery and captivating artwork bring the classic to life!
  • Delightful commentary and appealing sounds enhance game play
  • Fill up your golf meter to earn helpful golf bucks
  • Find Iron cards on the green to add to your golf bag
  • Watch out for water, wedge, and rough cards that test your skills!
  • Use your golf bucks for one iron, or fill your entire bag!
  • Wild Shot cards can either make or break a terrific golf game!

Download Fairway Solitaire

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