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Family Game Night
For many of us, the distant memories of family game night without keyboards, Wi-Fi connections, or batteries is becoming more and more difficult to recall. However, there once was a time when we actually played solitaire with a deck of cards and Scrabble with wooden game pieces! That’s right…playing board games actually meant you had to set up a board.

These days, more and more of the classic games we all grew up playing with family and friends are going digital. This might give you pause. After all, don’t you need a group of people to play most board games? Yes, but the digital age even solves that challenge by finding and connecting gamers from around the world via the internet. While this may seem a bit impersonal, you’ll never be at a loss to find enough people to kick off a game of Monopoly.

Where, however, does this leave the modern family? As parents, we want our kids to be exposed to the digital era (and the includes video games), but many of us also want our kids to share the experience of gaming we grew up with.

Kids, on the other hand, are open to most forms of game play, but are inundated with video games everywhere they look. Fortunately, along with the digital age has come amazing improvements in hardware and software that has helped foster a new family paradigm – family video game night.

Video Gaming for Families

There are many wonderful puzzle games available for PC and Mac with content and puzzles appropriate for all ages. These types of video games offer the best of the old and the new. For mom and dad, these games bring the family together to strive for a common goal, struggle with common challenges, and cheer for common achievements. For son or daughter, these games offer beautiful, high-res graphics, mesmerizing animation, and a never ending stream of fresh content.

By connecting your computer’s external display cord to the input of your flat screen television, you can display games so everyone in the room can participate. How amazing it is to watch young children observe, analyze, and communicate solutions to challenging puzzles displayed in beautiful detail on the living room wall. What’s more, these puzzles typically result in group think taking over and everyone chipping in their two-cents to move the solution forward. The entire family can work together to achieve a common goal!

While you may think of playing Hidden Object games as the ultimate escape, don’t be too quick to exclude the rest of your family from partaking in the fun. You may find that what was fun as a solo endeavor is even better with the ones you love.

Family Game Setup

Drawn: Dark Flight on the big screen!

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