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Felix the Ninja Interpretation

A funny thing happens when Big Fish Games employees have insomnia. They don’t lie in bed counting flying sheep (or flying fish), they get up and put their creativity to work!

Dennis Kendrick, one of our Customer Support Reps, is a case in point. As he puts it, "I was bored, tired, and couldn’t sleep. Naturally, I decided to get on my computer and have a little fun."

That ’fun’ turned out to be a wildly creative interpretation of our own Felix the Fish as…a ninja? Why a ninja, you ask?

"I think the answer to this is obvious! Felix, being a sea bearing creature where pirates are known to roam, is now practiced in the ways of the ninja," said Kendrick.

"We all know who wins when you pit a ninja against a pirate!"

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Ok, that makes sense (does it?), but, don’t ninjas wear black? Felix seems to be missing the appropriate attire.

"Ninja’s are highly adaptive to their environment. You wouldn’t see a human ninja in the arctic wearing black, he’d stick out like a sore thumb. Felix is merely wearing what would best blend in with his natural surroundings," explained Kendrick.

"Plus, he has to represent for Big Fish Games, so I decided to stick with our color scheme."

We thought you would all enjoy this artist rendering of Felix the Ninja. Just watch out for the spinning nunchucks…

Felix the Ninja

Image represents Dennis Kendrick’s artistic interpretation of Felix the Fish and is not meant to be representative of the actual Felix the Fish or the Big Fish Games logo.

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