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Play GamesWe’re all busy in our own way.

With family responsibilities, work obligations, and social engagements, it can be difficult to squeeze in any play time. Who knew finding time to game could be a challenge?

Like any other hobby or extra-curricular activity, gaming takes time and has to be planned for.

We’ve taken some time to put our heads together and think about how we find time to play games – especially when our schedules are overflowing with commitments.

These tips may or may not meet your needs, but they offer a good way to think about incorporating game time into our busy schedules.

Make Gaming a Social Event
Rather than meeting your friends for dinner and drinks or a movie, consider meeting them for gaming. While many of us are accustomed to gaming alone (it’s OUR time), I’ve always felt gaming with friends and family is just as fun and more memorable. Plus, you’ll have more brains focused on those tricky puzzles! No need for game walkthroughs when you have help right there with you.

Dialing Down
Many of us don’t climb into bed and immediately fall asleep. It takes time for us to wind down and drift off. Often we use books, puzzles, or even television as a way to disengage and prepare for sleep. Why not include gaming in the mix?

Climb into bed a little early and use today’s new release as a way to dial down before you lay your head down to sleep.

The Early Bird Gets to Game
Have a job that takes up much of your time? One of the quietest time around our house is early in the morning before everyone is out of bed. Set your alarm an hour earlier than you need to get up and aim to get a quick gaming session in.

Athletes do this all the time. How many times have you woken up early only to find runners trotting around your neighborhood?

Up All Night
Having trouble sleeping? Up late with a newborn? Games are a great way to pass time that would otherwise drag by. Of course, it’s hard to carry a newborn and a laptop. You may have to start partaking in mobile games.

As a parent of a 9-month old, I can tell you it’s totally worth it. Many a late night has been spent playing Atlantis Sky Patrol.

Atlantis Sky Patrol

Atlantis Sky Patrol for iPhone and iPod

Weekend Warrior
The weekends are always a great time to kick back, relax, and play some games, but depending on your family situation, your free time might already be spoken for.

If you have a family, why not make gaming a family event?

If your children are too young to engage in the latest Hidden Object game, maybe you can take advantage of their nap time and squeeze in a bit of game time. Of course, many parents use such time as an opportunity to clean the house, prepare dinner, or get work done. Maybe we can include our kids in those activities to help open up more down time for us!

Have a Game Plan
Perhaps the best piece of advice is also the most simple. Setting aside a small amount of time each day to game is a great way to satisfy your playful needs.

If your life is a busy one (whose isn’t?), don’t think about setting aside time for mammoth gaming sessions. Twenty minutes a day, every day can really add up over time. You’ll be surprised how much gaming fun you’ll enjoy each month with such a consistent schedule.

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