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Did the season finale of Criminal Minds leave you thirsty for more? One episode of CSI: NY not quite enough? Here’s a list of games that might help those between-season blues.

1. Criminal Minds

In “Criminal Minds,” players take on the role of an agent in the elite behavioral analysis unit from the TV show. The game features characters from the TV show, so if one episode a week isn’t enough to get your dose of the adorably awkward Spencer Reid, or the delightfully geeky Penelope Garcia, you can get your fix by playing “Criminal Minds,” the game!

2. Law & Order – The Vengeful Heart

If criminal profiling isn’t really your thing, then Law & Order should sate your investigative urges without delving too far into the mind of diabolical serial killers. The game features celebrity voiceovers and puts you in the role of Detective Goren. You’ll have to solve puzzles to find evidence and conduct interviews to solve the case!

3. CSI NY – The Game

Here’s another game in which fans of the TV series will recognize a few faces. You’ll have to help Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera solve the case by collecting evidence – hidden object style – and interrogating witnesses to get to the bottom of things. Besides, who doesn’t love Dr. Sid Hammerback, the CSI team’s quirky medical examiner?

4. Murder, She Wrote

If you’re a little more attuned to traditional detective work with a more relaxing tone – don’t care much for diabolic plots to take over the world or spooky vampires – “Murder, She Wrote” takes you back to the classic TV series. Taking on the role of sleuth and best-selling mystery author, you’ll have to explore crime scenes and piece together clues to solve several different cases in this Hidden Object game.

5. Law & Order Criminal Intent 2 – Dark Obsession

In Criminal Intent 2, you’ll have to uncover how a man ended up dead in the East River. Solve puzzles, utilize psychological interrogation techniques and survey crime scenes to uncover a dark path of corruption. The game features three difficulty settings, so it’s a  good fit for a wide range of skill levels, and celebrity voiceovers, which will help immerse you into a world of dark obsession.

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