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Winning Bejeweled 2 Let’s face it, winning Bejeweled 2 is fun. So fun, in fact, many of us have played the game thousands of times trying to master the techniques necessary to win.

Unfortunately, practice doesn’t always make perfect…perfect practice makes perfect.

After all, if you’re going to take the time to play a game, you might as well aim to be good at it. Just ask Mike Leyde, who holds the Bejeweled 2 World Record of 2,147,483,647 points (the highest score possible).

If you want to master power gems and hyper cubes, but keep missing out, we have compiled a list of the top 5 mistakes that may be keeping you from beating Bejeweled 2.

1. Moving Bottom to Top

You may think you are getting rid of those 2 pesky pink triangles in the bottom right corner, hoping for something better to come along to make an amazing hyper cube. Or maybe you are afraid of trapping yourself with bad gems if you work from top to bottom. But the truth is, to beat Bejeweled 2 the best advice is to work from top to bottom.

By playing from top to bottom, you can systematically choose which combos to use first, and which to leave alone so they can build up to something better.

By creating matches at the top of the board, you are preserving those matches below, ensuring you more moves in the future.

2. Wasting Power Gems

Power Gems are created when 4 gems of the same color are matched together. Three gems are then removed from the screen and one power gem is left. When a power gem is used, it will blast away all the gems surrounding the match.

Always be aware of your surrounding cubes when detonating a power gem. If a hyper cube is nearby and gets caught in the blast of a power gem, you lose all the power of the hyper cube.

Try to always save a match near a power gem. That way, should you get in a tight spot, you have an immediate boost in points and new gems available.

Bejeweled 2 Power Gems

Bejeweled 2 Power Gems

3. Using Hyper Cubes Early

You did it! You made a rare hyper cube in Bejeweled 2. By being systematic in your matches you were able to match 5 gems of the same color and have created a hyper cube.

The key now is to keep it. Hyper cubes can act as a final life line when no other matches are available.

By saving it for harder, more advanced levels you will not only gain more points, but you will make sure you actually reach that next level. Always make sure to use a hyper cube in a match with the gem you have most of on a screen. This will not only get you the most points, but create the maximum new opportunities as well.

Bejeweled 2 Hyper Cubes

Bejeweled 2 Hyper Cubes

4. Vertical Matches

Since matches can be made both vertically and horizontally in Bejeweled 2, chances are you make both equally as often. To master Bejeweled 2 and get to the top levels, however, go for horizontal matches.

Making vertical matches disrupts other potential matches and changes the configuration of the game. By sticking to horizontal matches, you are able to better control the impact of a match and strategically move forward.

5. Use a Hint when Stuck

Hints are great. They get you out of tight spots when you can’t find a match and keep you moving through the game.

Unfortunately, hints also reduce your level progress and reset all your work back to zero.

If you are stuck, the best advice is to wait it out. The auto hint prompt will provide you with guidance on new matches through highlighting a gem with a possible match, without taking your progress.

With a bit of patience, you can keep your level progress and move forward with the game.

Best of luck at winning Bejeweled 2!

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