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If you came to hang out at Big Fish for a day, you would quickly learn we have a separate internal email list for employees to share anything that’s not directly work related. Usually, the best news we get on here is free donuts, but the other day something with a little more substance (if that was even possible) came to our attention. Amanda Hemmons, the daughter of our Portuguese language editor popped up on the email chain because her art was featured on the Huffington Post, where she turned the characters from the movie Avengers into girls dresses.

When asked, she told us she wanted to turn characters like Thor and Hulk into dresses because “comic books and action movies are generally made by men, for men; the fact that women like them too is apparently incidental.” Big Fish has featured plenty of heroines like Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie in our games, but most traditional retro and console video games heroes have been primarily male. We wondered what those iconic characters & color combos would look like as female fashion statements. Maybe next time the major publishers will remember to include a character or two for the girls! Here is the first set of amazing sketches she sent over, we hope you like them as much as we do!

Early Inked Sketches

Inked Sketches First Draft

The final “stylized’ versions of each outfit can be found below. Test your video game knowledge and scroll down  to see what character is represented in each outfit!  Were you able to guess all the games these outfits come from? Hover over each image to see the name of the character & game that inspired the outfit.

Our Final Designs

Duke - Duke Nukem

Scorpion - Mortal Kombat

Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid

Bowser - Super Mario Bros.

Link - The Legend of Zelda

Gordon Freeman - Half-Life

Master Chief - HaloSonic - Sonic the HedgehogSora - Kingdom HeartsDK - Donkey Kong

Kratos - God of War

Ryu - Street Fighter

Click the image below to check out the final poster Amanda made for us to show off at Geek Girl Con 2012! Last year, Big Fish sponsored the very 1st Geek Girl Con here in Seattle and we had so much fun, we have to do it again this year. The original, unfinished sketches turned out so good we have to show them to you above. We know how many female fans we have and we think gals are great for the gaming community. If you are in Seattle August 11-12, come down to the Conference Center and say hello!

Gamer Girl Chic Preview


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