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Gaming Acronyms

In these days of faster, shorter, and smaller, simple person-to-person communication has even come under fire for it’s lack of efficiency. While this has yet to dramatically alter how we speak, it has had direct impact on text based communication. This is especially true in the gaming world where rapid response and quick reaction can be the difference between success and failure.

We thought it would be fun to take a look at the common acronyms used in internet communication particularly those used in the gaming world. A lengthy thread in our Forums discussed this exact topic and even offers a list of common terms including those found only at Big Fish Games!

This list is far from complete and is not meant to be exhaustive. It focuses primarily on what you might encounter in the world of casual games. For variety, though, we’ll throw in a few acronyms that crossover from the core gaming world and a few common terms that are handy to know.


General Gaming Acronyms

Our first three acronyms are common across all types of games. In fact, many are also common in the real world.

FOV = Field Of View

In any game where you are given limited vision of the playing field or the gaming environment, you have a restricted FOV. FOV refers to what you can see at any point in the gameplay.

HUD = Heads Up Display

In many games you are given a varying amount of on-screen information to assist you as you play. In an Adventure Game, this might include such things as a compass, a map, or your current inventory. In a flight simulation game, it might include an altimeter, fuel gauges, or a tachometer. Oftentimes the HUD can be toggled to remove it from the screen thereby improving you FOV.

LOS = Line Of Sight

In many battle based games, there is the presence of ranged weapons such as a bow & arrow, magical spells, or artillery. In any case the user must have a direct view of the target in order to score a hit. In order to achieve this view they need a clear LOS.

Common Game Genre Acronyms

Some gaming genres have managed to get their names condensed to acronyms. Here are some of the lucky ones we’re partial to.

HOG = Hidden Object Games

Although familiar to most Big Fish Games visitors, Hidden Object Games are games in which a player must find items from a list, hidden within a picture. As a type of Puzzle Game, a HOG will often also feature a wide variety of other puzzles and mental challenges.

Example= Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove

TMG = Time Management Games

Similar to Real Time Strategy Games however typically the game play focuses on completing ever increasing number of tasks within a limited amount of time.

Example = Diner Dash: Flo Through Time

RPG = Role Playing Game

A game in which you assume the role of a character within the game. In an RPG the gameplay typically stresses social interaction and collaboration between players.

Example = Aveyond: Gates of Night

RTS = Real-Time Strategy

In a RTS Game, gameplay does not progress in turns. Rather the participants position and maneuver units and structures under their control to accomplish clear goals in real-time. The typical RTS features resource gathering, base building, in-game technological development, and indirect control of units.

Example = My Tribe

TBS = Turn-Based Strategy

In a TBS game, each player has all the time they need to make a descision about what their next move will be. Their opponent waits for them to take their ’turn’ at which point they are allowed to commence with their turn.

Example = War Chess

TPS = Third Person Shooter

As you likely learned somewhere in a language class (high school English?), third-person refers to a point of view outside any of the characters in the story or in this case, the game. In a TPS you control the character on the screen as you maneuver through the gaming world shooting enemies and trying to accomplish various goals.

Example = Alien Shooter: Revisited

Common Core Gaming Acronyms

You probably won’t find too many of these acronyms hanging around here at BFG, but in the core gaming world they are second nature.

DOT = Damage Over Time

In many games characters can suffer ’damage’ to their life force. Take too much damage and your life force is depleted to zero and the game ends. Anything that drains this life force slowly over time, such as a poison, is referred to as DOT.

DPS = Damage Per Second

DPS refers to the average rate of damage inflicted over time. In fighting games, a higher DPS indicates a more dangerous foe (or adversary!).

MOB = Mobile OBject, Monster or OBject

A MOB refers to any enemy you encounter during gameplay that aims to end your gameplay. Typically these are monsters, villains, or other nasties you have defeat in order to stay alive and continue playing.

PvM = Player versus Monster

PvM denotes a style of gameplay where you (the Player) are pitted against monsters.

PvE = Player versus Environment

PvE denotes a style of gameplay where you (the Player) are pitted against the environment.

PvP = Player versus Player

In PvP gameplay, the character you control is battling other characters controlled by other players.

PC = Player Character

This acronym can be a tricky one as most people think of Personal Computer when they hear PC. In gaming, however, a PC is a character in the game controlled by a real person.

NPC = Non-Player Character

Characters in gameplay autonomously controlled by a computer or server.

XP = eXperience Points

This number in gaming represents the total amount of experience your character has gained through gameplay. The idea here is the more you play, the more experienced you are at the game and hence, the more XP you earn.

XbL = Xbox Live

Microsoft’s Xbox gaming community.

Big Fish Games Acronyms

You’ll probably find these acronyms around the internet, but they all point back to one place!

BFG = Big Fish Games

MCF = Mystery Case Files

RTR = Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

TGT = Tomorrow’s Game Today

Big Fish Games Forums Specific Acronyms

Now, the following acronyms weren’t created by anyone at Big Fish Games and we want to stress that (hee, hee). Spend any time in our forums and you’re bound to see any or all of these peppered throughout. We’re going to refrain from adding any sort of definition…

OB = Old Broad

OBHOA = Old Broad Hidden Object Addict

SOB = Slightly Older Broad

OBIT = Old Broad In Training

LMFO = Laughing My Fins Off

FSRM = Fin Slapped Red Message

SIPL = Swimming In Pond Laughing

HFFS = High Five Fin Slap

BUMP = Bump Up My Post

BFIP = Best Friend In Pond

DFF = Dear Fish Friend

OP = Original Poster

Popular Gaming Platform Acronyms

While most of you are likely on a PC or a Mac right now, there is a very good chance that isn’t your only gaming platform. Here are some other options!

DS = Nintendo DS (Nintendo)

PC = Windows PC (Microsoft)

PMG3 = Power Mac G3 (Apple)

PS3 = PlayStation 3 (Sony)

360 = Xbox 360 (Microsoft)

touch = iPod touch (Apple)

Other Common Gaming Terms

Although these aren’t acronyms, there are extremely common to run across in the gaming world…especially as you move from casual gaming to core gaming.

Aggro = This term is short for ’Aggressive’ or ’Aggression’. When referred to in gameplay, Aggro relates to the extent of a monster’s or villian’s anger or aggression toward the character you are controlling.

Spawn = The location in the gaming world where an NPC or MOB appears. It is common for players to ask each other such things as, “Where do the blue cats spawn?” in order to locate them faster.

Lag = In short, to lag is to fail to maintain a desired pace or to keep up. In gaming, lag typically refers to your computer or your internet connection. In either case, lag causes the game to slow down.

Buffs = Temporary improvements for characters that enhance strength, speed, or other abilities. Common buffs include various potions or spells.

Grind = In order to collection more money, earn more XP, or complete tasks, a player may need to commit to doing repeated tasks such as farming, fighting, or building. The term grind comes from the such tasks similarity to ’the daily grind’.

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