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One thing I have learned about gamers is that they love to proclaim their passions just about any way they can. The great thing about the modern age is that choices abound like never before and they are just a few easy clicks away. In the U.S. we are no longer limited to options only available here – you’ll find imports from all corners of the globe and options created by both major manufacturers and clever DIY mavens, too.

Here’s the round-up of everything you need to enhance your gamer persona in real life.

Don’t worry if you feel like you are fashion-clueless or you’re shy about declaring your inner geekery. Gamer fashion is something you can keep completely discreet or enthusiastically creative.  If you’re shy about declaring your interests publicly, a lot of gamer chic is about being in the know.  Your office mates will probably not even notice (unless you’re in a games company), but fellow gamers will appreciate your good taste.

To get started, take your inspiration from sites like Game Fashion 101.  You can start small (t-shirts, jewelry, socks, etc.) then eventually move to CosPlay inspired fashions.  Or, make your own!

If you’re a girl gamer, there are amazing options for geek-proclaiming fashion that can be as discreet or as sexy as you like. Check out girl gamer fashion, Harajuku style!

The Wearables

I’ve mentioned Etsy before, but did you know it’s also an amazing place to find gamer-inspired clothing, shoes, and accessories?

ThinkGeek should be one of your favorite sites if you’re a gamer.  From t-shirts to chain mail, it’s all here.  I love the Minecraft foam swords and pick axes.  There’s also a Zelda ocarina you can buy and practice on as you go about your day.

Jinx is another excellent site for video game clothing.  You can search by game and find stores for Diablo III, Call of Duty, Starcraft, Portal 2, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and several more.  There are some really great options for gamer kids, so parents, heads up.

Insert Coin is another clothing and accessories site dedicated to gamers.  My personal favorites are the women’s leggings inspired by Pac Man and Assassin’s Creed.  Check out this gamer leggings review vid: is a site with uniquely designed gamer gear.  This is stuff you’re not going to find just anywhere, especially if you’re into retro gaming or features gaming t-shirts and hoodies from independent artists.  I’m a retro Zelda fan, so this one is a winner in my book.
The holidays are coming up, so be prepared to replace those awful Christmas sweaters with some great gamer alternatives.  Or fine, roll with the sweater theme, but do it with style!  Here’s a great Call of Duty option

If Nintendo games are your thing, here is a vid with some great fashion inspiration:

Finally, you can also find gamer shirts at, and  Don’t forget the babies, either!


From stickers to wallets and book bags, the Web is your friend for finding all of the gear that is uniquely you.

YouTube has reviews of a variety of gamer bags (like the Ozone gaming backpack):


Your other accoutrements

Here is the Nintendo controller backpack I know you’ve been just dying for!  Or if Portal is your thing, a companion cube messenger bag.

Etsy is also an amazing place to find decals for your Macbook, or PC .  Better yet, check out this huge list of PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone decals from

Keychains, jewelry, iron-on patches, hats, cufflinks and everything else you could need.  If you’re crafty yourself, iron-on transfers are an easy way to adorn any article of clothing.  Basically you just need an ink-jet printer, a t-shirt or other piece of clothing, iron-on transfers and an iron.  Print your image onto the transfer paper and iron it on to the piece of clothing.  What could be easier?

You can also upload images to or and print a huge range of items including skateboard wraps, bumper stickers, aprons, pillows, jewelry and clocks.

Need even more options?  Check out our Pinterest Gamer Fashion board….


Decorate your space with the latest and greatest video game posters or game-inspired wall decals (no damage to walls when you peel them off!).  I love the space invaders decals.  If you’re the fancy host or hostess, hardwood Pac Man coasters might be just the thing.

In college?  Here’s inspiration for your video game dorm cave, but you might have to take out additional student loans to afford all of the gear you’re going to want!

For even more gamer decorating tips, check out my previous article, Keeping House Gamer Style…

Do you have other ideas for gamer fashion and lifestyle proclamations?  Let us know!!

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