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We love playing games for many reasons.

I love being inspired by the strong female characters. In fact, I’m so inspired that I learned how to create costumes to portray them at conventions.

This got me thinking: what other skills have people learned thanks to games? How have people taken their passions offline? What creations have games inspired?

Here’s my first in a series of skills learned thanks to games. Do you have a skill, passion, or hobby that you’ve learned because of the games you love? Leave a comment about it below and you might get featured in a future post!

From clicks to kitchen

Big Fish Games member Dana designed her own kitchen remodel thanks to the skills inspired by games. “I learned 3D Modeling as a result of playing an MMO [massively multiplayer online game] in which you could build items for in-game use. ”

But she was initially moved by another game: I was first inspired by Myst and its continuation, URU. The worlds they built are so wonderful and I wanted to be able to make a my own ‘place’ like you’d find in the games.”

Dana and her friends eventually moved to another game called THERE. “I took online classes through the game’s community where I learned how to 3D model objects that I could use in the game.”


Tools of the trade

“I started the 3D remodel of my kitchen when I realized I didn’t have enough storage or preparation space.”

Old kitchen

“I learned how to 3D model in online classes through THERE, where I learned Google Sketch-up and Gmax.”

SketchUp Kitchen Model

“SketchUp is free and very user-friendly. I completed the bulk of my work in it and highly recommend the software. Gmax was used only for fine-tuning the specs and final texturing.”

SketchUp Kitchen Model with Island

“I have completed small woodworking projects in the past, but this is the largest I’ve ever undertaken. The Internet was a great resource for learning how to create sturdy structures.”

Kitchen woodworking with island

“The whole project took seven months to complete from start to finish. It came out just the way I envisioned it!”

Kitchen Model Painted

“I love the detail that I got to customize, such as the glass doors and the Tiffany-style fixture.”

Kitchen cabinet glass and fixture

“The island has multiple uses – it’s both a prep space and, with the bar stools, a table to eat at.”

Final kitchen remodel

Biggest challenges

Dana says that learning a completely new program with only self-taught skills was a challenge, but one she was able to overcome with patience and resourcefulness.

One reason we’re attracted to games is because it defies reality. But when you’re creating a model with the intention of building it offline, it needs to be replicable in reality.

“The real challenge came when I found that my original plan of action wasn’t working. There were a few points where woodworking methods needed to be rethought.”


Interested in creating your own 3D model? Here are some of Dana’s resources to get you started:

Google SketchUp (free version)

Gmax (free)

Official SketchUp tutorials

Master SketchUp tutorials

Introduction to modeling with Gmax

Big thanks to Dana for giving us the scoop on making a game-inspired fantasy a reality! She’s been a Big Fish Games member since 2009, and her favorite are the Mystery Case Files games. “I always find a game that looks fun!”

Do you have a skill or passion inspired by games? Leave a comment and you might be featured in a future Big Fish Games blog post!

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