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Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome

Genre: Fighting Game
Price-point: Free
The gods of Rome enter the arena to battle it out in this impressive new epic from Gameloft. Collect your favorite Roman gods to battle in Mount Olympus, the ruins of Pompeii, and many more beautiful locations. This game pushes graphics on iOS devices to new levels. The controls were on the simple side, but (at least to me) the art and graphics made up for it. I paused many times to just admire that backdrops and character. It was noted by several reviewers that they would like the ability to block immediately after throwing a combo (and this was rather annoying).
The game is described as: A great game with room for improvement. One of the best! Amazing! A game with Phenomenal possibilities.
Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider

Genre:Driving Game
I was very impressed by the mechanics of Traffic Rider. You play as a motorcyclist travelling city streets, going as quickly as you can and weaving through traffic. As a very cautious driver in real life, it was both cathartic and thrilling to reach speeds peaking over 100 while passing those pesky slow drivers. The game mechanics were so sensitive. I tilted my iPad and the motorcycle reacted immediately. There has been some commentary about the price of the in-app purchases.
The game is described as: Great and challenging. Amazing! Epic.

Captain Cowboy

Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Price-point $1.99
I downloaded this game because of the amazing YouTube preview that made me laugh very hard. The game is challenging, fun, and snarky, and basically exactly what you’d think after watching the video.
The game is described as:This game doesn’t have any reviews on the appstore at the moment. We should change that!
Badland 2

Badland 2

Genre: Side Scroller
Price-point: $4.99
Fans of the first Badland (Apple’s 2013 iPad Game of the Year) will be thrilled to play the follow-up, Badland 2. This game features more levels, obstacles, and challenges. Reviewers are calling it “Even more gorgeous than the first one” – Touch Arcade.
The game is described as: A fantastic sequel, An outstanding must buy! An amazing use of 3D Force Touch!
Dashy Crash


Genre: Arcade
Price-point: Free
DashyCrashy is a fun little game along the lines of Crossy Road. Players take on the roll of driver as you navigate through very active roads. The goal is to dodge cars, trucks, and accidents at high speeds, using a swiping motion of the finger. Players can level up cars and collect new vehicles. The game is colorful and a fun way to spend a few minutes.
The game is described as: A really fun, simple game. Great! Entertaining. The most entertaining game the reviewer had ever played.


The Room 3
The Room 3
Genre: Puzzle
Price-point: $4.99
Fan-favorite, The Room series, is back with a long awaited sequel and it’s receiving a universally rave reception. The music, puzzles, and tone of the game are excellent. The graphics are downright awe-inspiring. The game has very demanding graphics, so The Room 3 is not compatible with older iPhones and iPads. There’s not much to say about this game other than: just play it.
The game is described as: possibly the best game of all time in the app store, by far the favorite Room game, beyond amazing!

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Genre: RPG
Price-Point: Free
Galaxy of Heroes allows you to create teams, level up players, and strategize turn-based battles in the amazing sci-fi world of Star Wars. Missions take you all over the galaxy while you become reacquainted with old friends from the original franchise and meet new ones from the most recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Graphics are fantastic, the interface is extremely engrossing and interesting and the game-play is intuitive and addictive.
The game is described as: An absolute blast, wonderful use of the Star Wars lore and characters, fantastic!

Hopeless 2 Cave Escape
Hopeless 2: Cave Escape
Genre: Platformer
Price-point: Free
Hopeless 2 is adorable, tense, and addictive. You play a little yellow blob guy that’s riding around in a mine cart picking up other little yellow blob guys. You need to shoot evil red demon things, but the tricky part is that right until they’re upon you, you don’t know for sure if the creature in front of you is friend or foe. You need to be careful not to shoot other little yellow blob guys while protecting your passengers from evil demons with shiny teeth.
The game is described as: There aren’t any reviews yet, but I say it’s creative, quick moving, difficult, and addictive.

Lifeline: Silent Night

Price Point: $2:99
Genre: Text-based Pick Your Path Adventure
Taylor is back in this third follow up to the smash-hit first Lifeline game that took the Apple Watch by storm. In Lifeline: Silent Night writer Dave Justus returns with a new story that plays out in real time. It’s up to the player to save Taylor, the crew of the White Star, and the world. Receiving texts from Taylor is like hearing from an old friend. Players are accountable to help rescue Taylor and team while they can!
The game is described as: Absolutely first rate. Taylor is an amazing character. Fantastic!

Genre: Arcade
Price-Point: Free
Dedball shares a few elements without Angry Bird without feeling quite so frantic. You play as a strangely cute blob/ball that bounces from right to left until you pilot him upward, avoiding moving platforms. The art in the game is simple but very nice. The colors are especially pretty. The music and sound effects were also very thoughtfully created and satisfying (but not annoying).
The game is described as: hours of entertainment, a surprisingly good f2p game, addictive, Tim Burton meets Walt Disney.

Crystal Crusade
Genre: Match 3
Price-Point: Free
Crystal Crusade is an engrossing Adventure/Match 3 game. It’s some of the most fun I’ve had playing a match 3 game. With each match you add to your army until the end of the round when you fight your enemies. Each level has goals that players complete to earn stars. Heroes, weapons and fighters are unlocked with game-play.
The game is described as: I love this game, a cute variation on the match-3 clones, adding in battle strategies.


Heroes Never Die – Rise of the Fire Master

Heroes Never Die

Genre: Tower Defense
Price-point: Free (right now)
Heroes Never Die is a dark and atmospheric fantasy action tower defense game with absolutely gorgeous graphics. You play a hero who must save their homeland, Arde Continent, from invading monsters. There’s a lot of strategy involved as well as a variety of cool defense gadgets and several heroes to choose from. Different areas of the game unlock over time (It’s a pretty in-depth experience) and players receive daily bonuses for playing.
The game is described as: Spectacular, one of the best games of my life, excellent.


Rob and Roll


Genre: Casual Pinball(ish)
Price-point: Free
Rob and Roll is an incredibly fun and addictive game. I downloaded this game at roughly 9pm in the evening and before I knew it, it was closer to 1am. The artwork is bright, the characters are a lot of fun, and the gameplay is quick and keeps you interested. There are several different ways to play, including in an arena, story-mode, and with a guild. Minions are leveled up (to conquer more difficult levels), so players can get stuck, but there are no lives, so you can play a level as often as you want.
The game is described as: Perfect, amazing, a time well spent.


Lumino City


Genre: Adventure Puzzle
Price-Point: $4.99
Lumino City is an extremely charming indie game that has just recently made it’s appearance on iOS (Beginning on PC and Mac). The game won a BAFTA award in 2015 for artistic achievement, so had a running start when jumping to mobile (It’s currently being featured as editors pick in the app store). Players control the character Lumi as she traverses Lumino City searching for Grandad. I’ve found it to be definitely worth the $5 for the download.
The game is described as: adorable, creative, fun, and artsy.


Sunken Secrets

Sunken Secrets

Genre: Casual Farming and Builder
Price-Point: Free
Sunken Secrets is the newest free-to-play game from Big Fish. It’s a fun and entertaining journey as players restore a island paradise that has been cursed by a [mostly] evil sea witch. The game is delightful, the art is bright and beautiful, and the music is sufficiently lovely. With magic to gather, islanders to free, buildings to complete, land to rescue, princesses to serve, trade-routes to repair, crops to gather, food to bake, fruit to juice, and much more, players stay more busy.
The game is described as: Addictive, amazing, pleasing.


Scrap Force

Scrap Force

Genre: Fighting turn-based RPG
Price-Point: Free
Scrap Force is just a lot of fun. The graphics are quick, snappy, and very appealing. The characters are totally unique and the villains (aliens) are hilariously creepy. The game takes place in a (just) post-apocalyptic world (ravaged from alien attacks). Your crack team of young super heroes has been sucked into another dimension. You must gather another team to rescue your crew and defeat the invaders. Summon your team, level up characters, complete quests, and defeat badies in a colorful new world.
The game is described as: Impressive, refreshing, easily my favorite tactics game on mobile


Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft Story Mode

Genre: Story driven adventure
Price-Point: $4.99 (For the first chapter)
Minecraft: Story Mode is kind of adorable. There is a pig mascot (Who’s totally smart) and excellent characters. In the first chapter you begin your journey (As a group of underdogs) to win a building contest. As the leader of the group, you make choices that affect the route of your game, who is friend and who is foe, what you’re building, team name, etc. Additional chapters

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