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Gummy Drop! Boost Giveaway Winners!


Congratulations to the winners of our Boost Giveaway on the Gummy Drop! Facebook page! To see if you’ve won the prize of 3 Lightning Strikes, 3 Shovels, and 3 Combos, look for your name below! If you’re a winner, please send us a Private Message on the Gummy Drop! Facebook: with your first and last name, along with the email address linked to your Gummy Drop! Account, and we’ll add the prize to your account. Didn’t win this time? Don’t worry! Keep watching the Gummy Drop! Facebook page for more Giveaways and Contests!!!

Roberta Kells
Sheila Merle Rickert
Nellie Chislom
Alie Re
Marshia Ann Walker
Laura Denise Wilson
Lovemedogs Johnson
Jeannie Mallott
Carolyn Owens
Nikki Bachand
Susan Barbre
Christina Detisch
Shirley Chambers
Cathy Rieschl
Elaine Harmer Cullen
Anne Smart
Amy Rittermeyer
Denise Peterson
Pamela Hernández Castillo
Ilse Van Der Kleijn
Toko Gabaylo
De Kimmell
Ernst Wendrich
Rhonda McCloure
Néli Lourenço Castro
Kimberley Taylor
Aaron Harris
Melissa Neicy Price
Tony Albert
Clare Jacques
Lupe Reyna Turner
Jennifer Thomas
Donna Marie Eddington
Sean Bruzar Eborall
Tania Marjorie Eborall
Maria Barrios
Latasha Green
Caz Turner
Joyce La France-Kotaki
Dorothy Shadle
Anna Mae Shadle
Shannie Paul
Alice R. Parada
Diana Truitt
Nakita Marie Stevens
Ana Cristina Pattison
John Bell
Laura Frey
Kathy Myers-Duckworth
Kirsten Louise Guinan
Crystal Pillion
Jeanette DeVlaeminck McHone
Becky Behm
Tabbitha Senig
Steve Nelson
Jennifer Vanhouten
Patty Donovan
Angela Dlwgosh Bell
Dawn Kaufmann
Jennifer Hymer
Melissa Hall Booth
Misty Dillard
Amy Lofland Cole
Barb Cullum Kuehl
Cocoa HotChoc Smooches
Pat Stiles
Coleen Cook Franckowiak
Cindi Gonsalves
Gale York Theberge
Penny Plambeck
Tammie Thompson
Darlene Ballard Frances
Graziella Riccio
Emma Young
Lee Nicholson

Congratulations again to our winners!!! Let’s Go Gummy!

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