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Gummy Drop! Boost Giveaway Winners


Congratulations to the winners of our Boost Giveaway on the Gummy Drop! Facebook page! To see if you’ve won the prize of 17 Lightning Strike Boosts, look for your name below! If you’re a winner, please send us a Private Message on the Gummy Drop! Facebook: with the name that shows when you sign into Gummy Drop!, along with the email address linked to your Gummy Drop! Account, and we’ll add the prize to your account. Didn’t win this time? Don’t worry! Keep watching the Gummy Drop! Facebook page for more Giveaways and Contests!!!

Sally Jenkins
Joan Dale
Anita Whittingham
Sandra Delonnette
Lori Rogato Thompson
Calista Bear
Susanne Svoger Have
David Bower
Carolyn Keller
Bruce Miller
Sheila Pike
Jackie Normandin
Loretta Rodgers
Julie Coleman
Karla Mcintosh
Cynthia V Depoe
Jackie Andrews
Marie Serna Vazquez
Derek Christie
Lottie Hoyle
Delores Pelton
Rhiona Norris
Dora Fox
Michelle Myers Millsaps
Joyce Cottrell
Jacqui Fetherolf
Ana Ach
Tammy Zettel
Ashlynn Blackmon
Patti Lynn
Debbie Collins Planty
Antje Städtner Nummer
Sherry King
Lynda Eyre
Jan Garton
Tammy Scott Winton
Lauren Robinson
Liz Lemon
Patricia Gail Doss Sallee
Lynn Hurd Austin
Donya Anointedforthejourney Taylor
Linda J Jorgenson-Johnson
Gail Ritter
Steve Nelson
Marije van der Schaar
Linda Slott
Stefania Jefferies
Sandy Brewer
Petra Piotrowski
Abril Joe

Congratulations again to our winners!!! Let’s Go Gummy!

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