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Gummy Drop! Boost Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Boost Giveaway on Gummy Drop! Facebook page! To see if you’ve won the prize of 3 Lightning Strikes, 3 Combos, and 3 Winds-of-Change, look for your name below! If you’re a winner, please send us a Private Message on the Gummy Drop! Facebook: with your first and last name, along with the email address linked to your Gummy Drop! Account, and we’ll add the prize to your account.

Didn’t win this time? Don’t worry! Keep watching the Gummy Drop! Facebook page for more Giveaways and Contests!!!

Michelle Mata-Jones

Jessica Griffith

Monica Maree

Missy Smith

Beckie Burton

Nikki RC

Anya Rossinskaya

Tiffany Ann Ellis

Margaret Innes Carpinelli

Andrea Swoboda

Valerie Condon Gold

Anne Marie Scalia

Denise Mays-Coleman

Lindsay Moss

Vanina Artusa

Becky Hassell-Cox

Lise Praesius Jacobsen

Tania Moshik Lui Lui

Mary Budge

Tiffany Miller

Darcy Leonard

Yolanda L Gore

Sherry Eastom-Wakefield

Jana Forbes Coley

Stephen Reynolds

CorynJayme Chamberlin

Nancy McCulloch

Rhonda McCloure

Cheryl Smith

Jo Owens

Sandra Harbison

Lin Kim

Desiree Hanson

Courtney Spicer

Jessica Varnadoe

Nathan Stine

Holly Robinson Coley

Erin McGreal

Eric Hunt

Donna Savaria Berdar

Louise Martin

Solae D’or

Donna Chitty Taylor

Nakeeta Theoneanonly Moses

βασιλικη λασκαρη

Marcelle Barrows

Rachel Davila Sorola

Brandi Kissee

Leesa McClure

Heather Gagnon

Congratulations again to our winners!!! Let’s Go Gummy!

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