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To celebrate the 50th city and 10,000th level in Gummy Drop!, we’ve compiled a list of our most beloved cities and a bit about what we think sets them apart. Use the 500 free vouchers that you received during the celebrations this week to travel to one of these (or another that you’ve been wanting to see!). And then let us know what YOUR top ten cities are in Gummy Drop!!
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New York

New York is one of the most exciting cities in Gummy Drop!. For one thing it’s the only city that sits in eternal nighttime. The lights of Manhattan sparkle as players build such landmarks as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. The other thing that sets New York apart from the rest of Gummy Drop! are the 150 levels (as opposed to the typical 120 levels that populate most Gummy Drop! cities.


Enter the snow covered streets of the city of Rembrandt and van Gogh. Collect color palettes to transport the city from grayscale into full color. Spend time in the Red Light district and build the Anne Frank House in this city of history, culture, and mild scandal.


Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This remains the case in Gummy Drop. Players bring the city to life as they travel down the cobblestone streets solving levels, greeting countless charming ghosts, and building the gorgeous and beautiful Edinburgh Castle.To top it off, players begin the level by collecting belts for a local kilt-garbed man. What’s not to love?


Montreal is great because it was the first Canadian city in Gummy Drop! Players start off on a mission to help a local hockey player protect their face by locating pieces of a helmet. The city is lovely and covered in snow (as so many of the best cities are). In fact, these levels actually take place in a snow globe.


History and literature meet in the city of Moscow. Players travel through the landmarks of Moscow helping fairytale characters from classic Russian stories. Build gorgeous cathedrals, castles, parks, and much more in this beautiful and unique city.
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Not only was Tokyo the second city introduced in Gummy Drop!, and a lovely addition at that, it doubled the game play in one foul swoop. It introduced many game mechanics that have been used in countless cities since. It also published the first true puzzle level – level 86 (the How Two video of which is still the highest viewed Gummy Drop! help video).
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Transylvania was an event city in October of 2016. But, it was the best event city. That’s why it has a place in this list. Pumpkins join the more standard gummies in levels. Players travel through a haunted city populated by graveyards, haunted houses, creepy trees, and skeletons. It’s 60 levels of amazing as players work their way toward the epic Castle Dracula.


Get it! Cause, Hawaii isn’t a city? Hawaii is the only state in Gummy Drop!. Also, it houses (arguably) the most beautiful tropical setting. With ocean, beaches, mountains, palmtrees, and some of the most unique monuments to build, Hawaii definitely deserves a spot on our list. There’s even an adorable turtle that appears in cutscenes before each level.


The coolest thing about London (other than the fact that it’s London) is the subtle nods to Dr. Who, Harry Potter, and other anglophile geek references that should not be missed (“Blimey! London is calling”). Say hello to the queen or catch a Shakespeare play at The Globe theater; this city truly captures the charm of one of the most amazing and historical cities in the world.

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The new city in Gummy Drop! Casablanca is always one of the most unique. It’s set in a sepia tone to harken back to old Hollywood and the beloved film. Film references also populate the map and familiar looking characters ask for help along the way. Build Rick’s Cafe, a replica that visitors flock to. The local pianist doesn’t mind playing a famous sad song on an endless loop for any who might want to hear it.
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