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An evening of Halloween trick or treating and devilish escapades can have lots of wacky outcomes that require a somewhat sophisticated level of analysis.

To help you more efficiently navigate through an evening of tricks or treats, we offer you the following Halloween flowchart guaranteed (not really) to lead to a Happy Halloween every year!

With each new home, simply refer to the chart below and you’ll know exactly how to respond to the myriad of situations that are likely to spring up. Click on the flowchart to see it full-size.

If you are out to get as many treats as possible, there is likely to be little time to consult this flowchart. As such, we recommend you use the next 48-hours to memorize it so you can make decisions on the fly.

Halloween Flowchart

Click on image to see full size Halloween Flowchart!

Disclaimer: Neither Big Fish Games nor any of its associates endorse this wacky Halloween flowchart. Avoid any and all use at all costs.

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