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You may have heard about Nina. She is a young wife and mother who found out that she has less than a month to find a match. Nina has lymphoma. Lymphoma can be treated through bone marrow transplants, but the registry doesn’t have a match… YET.

One of my colleagues here at Big Fish knows Nina from school. Many of us Fishies are doing what we can to save Nina and others like her. It is incredibly easy and simple to help:

  1. Get a cotton swab of your cheek to get placed on the national registry.
  2. IF you are a match for a person in need of bone marrow, you will be contacted with more information.
  3. IF you decide to donate bone marrow, the procedure is almost as simple as donating blood. In fact, it is a nonsurgical procedure that often takes place in a blood center.
For more information about the bone marrow registry or donating bone marrow, check out


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